“To Sit the Topaz Throne!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Ricardo Villamonte

Kull now confronts Thulsa Doom in the throne room of Torranna. Doom then transports Kull to his homeland in far off Grondar. There the evil Doom tells Kull of this plans. Seems he wanted the Atlantean to suffer and not just be in exile. So he hears of the cursed city of Torranna and hatches a plan. He will manipulate Kull to accepting the crown. Only a scar faced stranger who risked his life to save another can sit the throne. Once he does then the curse is lifted and the inhabitants can leave. Only catch is the one who is king is now trapped in the cursed city for all eternity. Kull fight him and manages to cut a scar with his ax on Doom’s face. Well this enrages him so he brings back Kull to the throne room of Torranna. Only now Kull uses the opportunity to take the crown and place it on Doom’s head. Doom is a scarred stranger who now sacrificed his life to save Kull. The curse is broken but because Doom is already dead the inhabitants turned to mummified corpses and the city collapses. Kull and Ridondo manage to escape with the crown of Valusia. Kull makes it back to the City of Wonders and reclaims his throne.

Well this is the final issue in this series. They manage to go out with a bang. Kull defeats Doom in a very clever way. He also gets to go back and reclaim his throne so all the loose threads are tied together. Which is a good thing when you end a series. Kull had some ups and downs but this was generally a solid series. Not as good as Conan and it struggled to break out from his shadow. Still Kull’s adventures would continue in the Savage Sword issues and he would years later get another crack at his own series.


“The Creature and the Crown!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull is fighting an awakened Gassgha. Only Gassgha had a little too much wine and not very steady on his feet. Kull manages to jump on him and steal the crown off his head. Then he rams the head into the wall and impales the horns. Later has they flee. Gassgha comes after them but falls off the drawbridge into the molten lava pit. This causes Kull, Lorelei and Ridondo to be transported back to Torrania. Later while in his chambers Kull gets into a fight with Lorelei who is not happy that Kull killed poor only lonely Gassgha. She leaves and Norra the female wizard sees her chance. She comes in and seduces Kull. Lorelei comes back having second thoughts but sees Kull with Norra and decides to leave the city. The captain of the guard tries to stop her and becomes a mummified corpse as he leaves the city limits.

So next morning Kull is ready to be crowned king of Torrania. Norra who has fallen in love with Kull warns him not to accept the crown. It is a trap and she pulls off Korr-Lo-Zann’s wax hand as proof. Kull cut off one of the wizard’s hand of the three that were after him. Only now the mysterious master of Torrania appears. He turns Norra into a mummified corpse and it is none other than Thulsa Doom.

Well the action is picking up in this issue. Kull gets the crown and returns but loses Lorelei. I was saddened at that since I really have grown to love the relationship between the two. We of course knew the three were the evil wizards and it was obvious that Thulsa Doom was the mysterious master. Still it was an good reveal. Norra’s betrayal of her colleagues was a surprise. This is the next to last issue. In the letters page they hinted that sales weren’t good but apparently they were very not good. So we are coming to a conclusion of Kull’s exile and his final battle with Thulsa Doom.


“The World Within!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull and Ridondo are climbing a cliff to the monster’s castle. They have to fight off a giant lizard that is climbing up after them. Fortunately Kull knows what to do and tosses a huge boulder on it. Meanwhile Lorelei has become the captive of the monster named Gasshga. She is rightly terrified but Gasshga seems an easy going talkative sort. He is interrupted by the giant lizard from before that has entered from an underground passage. He fights it and comes back exhausted and tells Lorelei his story. Kull and Ridondo use the same passage the lizard used to get in. They come upon the sleeping Gasshga and Kull is about to plunge his sword into his heart. Lorelei comes and stops him. The noise also awakens Gasshga who is looking for a fight.

This issue was OK. I mean there wasn’t a lot really going on. Kull and Ridondo have a lot of snarky comments between them as they search for an entry to the castle. Lorelei does a lot of cowering with Gasshga. Kull and Gasshga fight the same giant lizard. At the end Lorelei seems to have Stockholm Syndrome since she is siding with Gasshga. Oh and Gasshga is awake and looking for a fight so the next issue should start out with a bang.


“Into Death’s Dimension!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Rudy Nebres

Kull is in his chambers thinking about being king of Torranna. Lorelei joins him and soon after he tells her of his plans and also asks her to be his queen. The proposal is interrupted by Ridondo who stumbles into the room. He has recovered and found a secret passage that lead to Kull’s room. Kull has a policy to always find out where such passages lead. So the three go exploring and come to the dungeon where they rescued Ridondo. Norra and Gar-nak are having a lovers spate. When they leave the three enter. Soon they are discovered by the palace guard who has orders to kill any intruder. Kull easily manages to keep them at bay until Korr-Lo-Zann comes and puts a stop to it.

So there is a feast with the nobles. Next day Kull and a reluctant Ridondo are sent through the portal to recover the crown from the demon. They find a strange world full of dinosaurs. A castle in the distance seems like a good place to start their quest. Meanwhile Lorelei convinces the three wizards to also send her after Kull. They agree and she ends up right in front of the demon.

So Kull is in love and asked Lorelei to be his queen. I really love this woman and she has consistently shown she is a brave and capable woman. Ridondo does bring up that something is off about the city. Kull is oblivious to it but he has a point. The city is weird and I think there is something sinister. Korr-Lo-Zann and his companions are clearly in service to the creepy master with the fortune cookie riddles. So for now next issue promises a fun time in this kooky other dimension fighting a giant horned demon.


“A Lizard’s Throne”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull and Lorelei are confronted by a giant snake as they enter the dungeon to free Ridondo. Kull jumps on its neck and tries to decapitate it. Lorelei goes to free Ridondo and notices him in pain every time Kull strikes the snake. Two of the hooded wizards are casting a spell from a smoking brazier. Lorelei smashes the brazier and the snake dissolves to smoke and goes back into Ridondo. The wizards were using his life force to conjure the snake.

The wizards flee and we find out they are two young lovers Gar-Nak and Norra. They have a visit from their master who shows them a lizard in a maze to get a chicken leg. The chicken leg was poisoned and the lizard died. The master thinks this is a very important lesson. Meanwhile Kull thinks Ridondo is dead as the wizard Korr-Lo-Zann arrives and manages to revive Ridondo. After finding a place for Ridondo to rest he introduces the other two to Gar-Nak and Norra. Lorelei is taken to get cleaned up while Korr-Lo-Zann tells Kull of the cities history. A demon from another dimension came through a rift and killed their former king. Korr-Lo-Zann and his two companions managed to expel the demon. Now they need a new king and offer the throne to Kull. There is just one catch. He must go to the demons dimension and retrieve the crown he stole.

So this was fascinating issue. We find out a little about the mysterious hooded wizards and the city they are in. Lorelei continues to impress me with her skills. She was the one who really saved Ridondo. The mysterious master the wizards serve sounds like a complete moonbat and still remains a mystery. Kull now has the opportunity to get a throne. One that he envisions in using to retake the Valusian Topaz throne back from Thulsa Doom. He just has to fight a giant one-eyed demon in another dimension to get the throne. Another enjoyable issue in Kull’s quest to regain his throne.


“Screams in the Dark”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull is in the grasp of the demon-shade. It looks like all is lost but Kull is a determined barbarian. He manages to break free of the demon-shade’s grasp and destroy the outcropping that is causing the shadow. The flower he fought for that he thinks can save Loralei has died with the demon. So he goes back to the hunchback’s cottage to avenge her death. Instead he finds Loralei alive and the hunchback with a sword in his chest. The hunchback miscalculated his formula and paid the price. Later finding a map to the city they take off to rescue Ridondo.

They make it to the city and scale the walls. Then at the palace they find a magician who is entertaining people. Kull forces the man to tell him about the whereabouts of Ridondo. A scream is heard for Ridondo is captive in the dungeon and the mysterious wizards have summoned their master. Kull races down and after dispatching the dumb guard bursts in to find a giant snake.

Another fun story. This one sees that Kull is capable of using his wits as well as his brawn to get out of trouble. He clearly has feeling for Lorelai and she reciprocates. I think she is a perfect match for Kull. She proves herself in the way she handled the creepy hunchback. So Kull finally confronts the master to these strange wizards and it is a giant snake. Can never go wrong with a giant snake in the story.


“Demon Shade!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Yong Montano

Kull and Loralei are pursuing the condor that has taken Ridondo. They come upon a demon shadow but it is only the outcropping of a rock formation. They rest and talk and get a little romantic. Loralei puts a stop to it since her only memory is a vow to never love a warrior. Luckily a hideous hunchback intrudes on their drama. The hunchback says he knows of a city that the condor may have went to. His master would know so they follow him back to an old shack. The master is gone so he offers wine. Loralei passes out after drinking. The hunchback says Kull must obtain a flower to save the girl.

So Kull goes back to the rock formation and there in a heart shaped patch of sunlight inside the shadow is a flower. He picks it and the shadow comes to life. Meanwhile Loralei wakes and finds out the mad hunchback was lying to send Kull to his death. He wants Loralei for himself and plans to use a love spell on her. Ridondo is taken by the three hooded wizards to an old city and meets their master. It ends with Kull in the grasp of the shadow monster and his life being sucked out of him.

I am really enjoying Don’s take on Kull. Lorelei is a great idea. I always thought Kull needed a woman and she is perfect. Beautiful and brave. She would make a perfect mate for Kull. Too bad he showed such poor judgement in trusting the hunchback. I wouldn’t trust the guy. Ends on a few cliffhangers for all our heroes so looking forward to the next issue.


“Talons of the Devil-Birds”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Y Montano

Kull and Ridondo come on a beautiful woman who is about to be burned at the stake by three hooded men. Kull decides to save her. Before he can the three men conjure up a large raven that attacks the woman. So Kull goes and kills it. The men flee and Kull frees the woman. She can not remember her name but straps on a sword and calls her horse. So the three continue on and Kull starts to enjoy the company of the woman who he names Lorelei. The hooded men after consulting with their sinister master go back and conjure up a condor. Kull battles it but the condor grabs Ridondo and takes him off. Kull vows to go after it and Lorelei will go along.

So in this issue a new character is introduced. A love interest for Kull. There is obviously chemistry between the two. Lorelei has a mysterious past but is a warrior in her own right. She does remember that she used to love a warrior and vowed that she will never love another. Another one of those warrior women who have a vow. Ridondo seems a bit jealous but handled himself well. The mysterious hooded men will make a good villain for Kull. I am enjoying the new direction Don is taking this title.


“City of the Crawling Dead”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Rick Hoberg

Kull, Ridondo and Lorkar arrive at Atlantis. Only this city is devoid of people. Ridondo suggests that maybe when they left Hell they came out somewhere else in the world. So they have a meal of vulture and get some sleep. During the night Kull is awakened by a beautiful woman. She lures him to a temple. Lorkar tries to stop Kull but is beaten down and the enchanted Kull continues to follow the woman.

Inside the temple it smells of death but Kull is oblivious. As he goes to embrace the woman Lorkar attacks. The spell is broken and Kull now sees the truth. Instead of a woman a hideous blob was about the consume him. It consumes Lorkar and Kull fights for his life. As he is about the be eaten Ridondo comes and tosses him his ax. Kull manages to cave in the creatures skull. He also has a vision about this city. Long ago the people would just dump their dead in the temple pit. As the pile grew it also bonded together and developed a mind that wanted more corpses. Which is why the city was abandoned. Kull and Ridondo get some horses and head out to find Valusia.

So a new writer and artist team. So far I like it. Glut has transported Kull to some new land where he can explore and have adventures. He also got rid of Lorkar. I liked the character but this was a wise move since I think the character was of limited use. Better to give him an honorable death. A bit strange that Kull didn’t recognize his own homeland and Ridondo had to point it out. Also where did they get the horses at the end. Minor inconsistencies for what I think is a strong direction for this title.


“The Hell Beneath Atlantis!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ed Hannigan & Alfredo Alcala

Kull, Ridondo and the Lorkars go down the stairs that Kareesha created. They cross a fire lake and fight monsters that come at them. They manage to cross and find the bodies of Khornah and Shemenom. Sarna arrives and snatches the power ring from the finger of Khornah. He then uses it to take over Shemenon against his will to fight Kull. Kull and his allies fight and he manages to knock the ring from Sarna. This causes him to lose control of the body to Kareesha. The sight of her drives Shemenon mad with thoughts of his lost love and he turns on Sarna. Kull and the survivors block off the entrance to Hell and Kull with Ridondo and a Lorkar as his companion heads back to Atlantis.

This was a satisfying ending to the quest to stop Sarna. Sarna is dead and so it would seem is Kareesha. Although the last panel has her image so maybe she survived somehow. Anyhow Kull will have to deal with the cowardly soldiers that deserted him next issue. They persuaded king Omra to have Kull killed so it should be an interesting return. Next issue we get a new writer and artist so the series is going in a new direction.