“Shadows in Zamboula”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Neal Adams and the Tribe

Conan is in the desert city of Zamboula when he runs into a crazy old man spouting about how guests from Aram Baksh are mysterious disappearing. Conan thinks little of it because he has rented a room from Aram for the night. It has a heavy door barred to keep him safe. Later that night he is awakened by a man with a spiked hairdo entering his room. Conan kills him and finds out he is one of the cannibal slaves from Darfar. So he goes to visit Aram and comes on a woman being abducted by some more of the cannibal slaves. Seems the populace gives them some free reign to kidnap strangers so they don’t revolt.

Conan kills them and rescues the girl who calls herself Zabibi. She tells a story that the local high priest of Hanuman desired her so gave a potion to her lover to drive him mad. They come on the mad lover and Conan subdues him and ties him up. Nabibi convinces Conan to go with her to the temple and assassinate Totrasmek the high priest. In exchange for a night of passion. So at the temple Zabibi is grabbed by mysterious hands. Conan finds the secret passage and is confronted by a huge black man named Baal-Ptoer. He uses his powers of illusion to disarm Conan. Then he plans to strangle Conan. Only Conan is not that easy to strangle and ends up getting strangled himself.

Conan them comes on Totrasmek using his powers of illusion to make Nabibi think she is being attacked by serpents. Conan kills the high priest and the girls finds the potion to cure her lover but not the ring The Star of Khoraja. So they leave and she cures her lover. Nabibi reveals that her lover is the satrap of the city and she is his mistress. She obviously can’t give Conan what she agreed to but does pay him off with a bag of gold.

Before Conan leaves the city he goes to Aram and cuts out his tongue and beard so he can’t say anything. Then he gives him to the Darfar cannibals as he rides off with the Star of Khoraja which will fetch a fortune from the Queen of Ophir.

“The Worms Return”
By David Anthony Kraft

A review of the new book Worms of the Earth which contain a collection of Howard’s stories about Picts and especially Bran Mak Morn.

“A King Kull Glossary”
By Fred Blosser

A glossary of Kull’s world from A to Z.

“The Silver Beast Beyond Tokertown”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Zeck

A man turns into a werewolf and goes out and kills a man on horseback. Solomon Kane finds the body and takes it to the tavern in town. There a hysterical woman tells the gathering that her brother is a werewolf and out to kill her. The werewolf breaks in and Solomon manages to kill it with a silver knife. Later he has it melted down for a ball for his musket. Then he goes to the man’s mansion and finds his manuscript. It tells how a werewolf killed his parents when he was a baby. That he tracked the werewolf down when he grew up to a gypsy camp. The sister discovers him but she is not the sister. She was the werewolf and turns into a wolf. Only Solomon shoots her with the silver bullet.

So the Howard adaptation was excellent and pure Howard. I loved the scene where Conan and Baal-Ptoer were standing there and each grabbing the others neck. How Conan with ease killed the professional strangler. After all he broke the neck of a bull as a youth. Then the bad ass way he got his revenge on Aram. This was just a joy to get this classic story and the artwork was excellent.

The article and glossary were good fillers.

Finally we get another cool Solomon tale. A moody piece set during the night with a surprise twist ending. This was an excellent issue.



“The Gods of Bal-Sagoth”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Gil Kane

A reprint from Conan the Barbarian #17.

“The Thing in the Temple”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Gil Kane

A reprint from Conan the Barbarian #18.

“A Conan for Collectors”
By Fred Blosser

A book review on three new hardcover release with art of Robert E. Howard’s original stories.

“When the Little People Strike”
By Fred Blosser

An article on the stories by Howard that dealt with the little people. Based on the myths of leprechauns and elves it was about a race of small humans that were driven underground and devolved. Some of Howard’s finest stories.

“The Right Hand of Doom”
Writer: Doug Moench based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Steve Gan

Solomon Kane is at an inn and listening to a braggart who tells of how he turned in his friend Roger Simeon who practiced the dark arts in for a hefty reward. John Redley does not impress Kane. Later at night Kane hears something and investigates the next room. He finds a human hand strangling John Redley. He is too late to save the man and has the hand burned. Later while leaving he talks to a young boy and finds out about Roger Simeon. That he had the guards cut off his hand and he threw it outside. Later as he was on the gallows he moved his stump of an arm like he was breaking someones neck. Kane rewards the boy’s story by giving him the ring that was on the severed hand.

So issue thirteen was not a very lucky one. The artist that was supposed to draw the story for his issue couldn’t make the deadline so Roy substituted a reprint from the color comic. It was an excellent story but still a reprint.

The articles were good. Especially the one about the little people. Those story sound awesome and I will have to find them someday.

Finally the only new story was the Solomon Kane one. Adapted from a story by Howard it was a moody one. A tale of revenge and a severed hand was quite creepy. Solomon Kane is probably one of the more underrated characters that Howard created. One that wasn’t a barbarian in a fictional world but based on real history. He was a truly unique character and I was glad that Marvel decided to present his stories.


“The Haunters of Castle Crimson”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on “The Slave Princess” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema and Alfredo Alcala

Conan comes on the city of Kizil-Bezzin being sacked by raiders. He manages to rescue a beautiful slave girl and escape into the desert. He then goes to Castle Crimson where his old friend from Khoraja Malthom of Nemedia is the lord. Malthon as a reward was given the castle after it’s original lord was killed by the traitor Mordek. The lord and one hundred of his followers were put to the sword and buried in a secret crypt under the castle.

Conan has a plan. He wants to pass the slave girl off as the lost princess Corma daughter to Abdullah Bin Khor. He then will sell her to her betrothed Kehlru-Shan. Kelru-Shan would gain a powerful alliance if he could marry Corma. So Conan goes to Kelru-Shan’s castle and makes the deal. Kelru-Shan comes with his army and soon Conan will pawn off the slave girl. Only problem is his friend Malthom has fallen in love with her and doesn’t want to sell. They begin fighting but have to stop as Kelru-Shan’s forces have penetrated the castle.

The traitor Mordek is working for Kelru-Shan and has secretly entered Crimson Castle. He has kidnapped the slave girl and opened the gates. Conan sees him fleeing and follows to a secret passage. It leads to the chamber where the original inhabitants were slaughtered. A fight ensues with Mordek that cuts him. The blood from Mordek revives the skeletons of the dead lord and his men. They kill Mordek then fall on the forces of Kelru-Shan.

Later the father of Corma comes demanding his daughter. The slave girl convinces him that she is the daughter and also that she should marry Malthon. Everyone is happy and Conan plans to head off to Zamboula to seek adventure and fortune.

“Chivalry is Alive and Well and Living in Berkeley Among Others”
By Sam Maronie

An article on the Society of Creative Anachronism. A group that started in Berkeley and has grown nationwide. It dresses up as medieval warriors and stages mock fights.

“The Hyborian Age Chapter 3 The Hyborian Kingdoms”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on essay by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Walt Simonson

Circe 14,000 to 10,000 B.C. The Hybori tribes start to push south and establish their present kingdoms. The Lemurians become the Hyrkanians. The Shemites and Zingara are formed as well as the Cimmerians and Pict lands. Until we are in the age of Conan.

So the main story was another Howard adaptation of his non-Conan stories. My guess is it was one set in the Crusades for it has that feel. Obviously it was another winner. A story of Conan with his crazy scheme to sell off a slave girl as a princess. It had a heavy supernatural element with the dead skeletons coming to life for their revenge. Thomas manages to weave the story flawlessly into the Conan timeline. He has the lord an old friend from “Black Colossus” as the new lord of Crimson Castle.

The article on the Creative Society for Anachronism was a fascinating story about this group. I did check and it is now international. The website lists chapters all over Canada, Austalia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Korea. Definitely something that is popular.

Finally the Hyborian Age continues to chronicle the rise of the fictitious Hyborian Age.


“The Abode of the Damned”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from “The Country of the Knife” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema and Yong Montaro

Mellani of the many men got her name from being a very successful prostitute. Now she just runs a tavern and enjoys her retirement. One night a man knocks at her door. When she open it she finds someone knifing the man who was pounding on the door. She reacts by smashing a jug into his face. This takes out an eye and the murderer tumbles down the stairs. He decides to flee when he hears the approach of people. Mellani finds out the man being stabbed is her brother. He tells her about the Black Tigers from the Abode of the Damned in the wastelands run by a prince whose real name is Nikolav Yvonn. Then he dies.

Mellani decides to seek revenge so hires some men to take her to this Abode of the Damned. Along the way they are ambushed and she is taken prisoner. The group will take her to the Abode but to sell her. Along the way a man calling himself Shirkuh of Zamora joins up as do three strange men. The men look like triplets are bald and have dark eyes. They can also control mentally other men.

So at the Abode of the Damned Shirkuh is revealed to be Conan who has decided to back one of the factions lead by Bellisar Khan. At the auction for the slave Conan challenges the current emir. The emir was secretly a Turanian who infiltrated the abode but found he liked the power and planned to carve himself an empire instead. He wants the girl to kill her and keep her knowledge of his real name. Well the auction results in a fight where Conan manages to rally the populace to his man. But unfortunately someone recognizes him as Conan the head of their former enemies the Zuagir. So now they attack Conan. He manages to rescue Mellani and with the three strangers escape the city. The strangers were aliens that came to stop a creature from hatching from an egg in the treasure chamber. They do this by blowing up the city.

“El Borak and the Barbarians”
By Fred Blosser

An article on the release of the stories of Francis X. Gordon or El Borak. He was a Texan adventurer in contemporary Asia that Howard created. Many stories including the one in this issue were adapted by Thomas into Conan stories.

“The Scribes of Hyboria”
By Fred Blosser and Roy Thomas

A review of four fanzines for Robert E. Howard fans.

“Conan and the Tower of Vinyl”
By Ed Summer

A review of an available record with recordings of two Conan stories.

So this story was an adaptation of an El Borak story changed to a Conan one. Like many of Howard’s stories they were easily adapted to Conan. This one was just beautiful. A story of intrigue and double dealing. Conan has to negotiate the various tribal politics of this den of thieves. He also has to deal with some aliens who have come to stop some creature from destroying the world. Plus free the prostitute who just wanted to revenge her brother. A very rich and detailed story with a wonderful cast of characters and beautiful artwork.


“Conan the Conqueror”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on novel “The Hour of the Dragon” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema and The Tribe

Conan is entering the Stygian port of Khemi disguised as a fisherman. On the streets he is attacked by a giant python. Snakes are considered sacred and all the people on the street prostrate themselves and accept their fate. Not Conan who slices the snake’s head in two. This blasphemy incites the locals who chase after Conan. He manages to hide away and later ambush a local priest of Set. Thus disguised he enters the temple to search for Thuthothmes and the Heart of Ahriman.

In the temple he has a run in with a beautiful woman who is the vampire princess Akivasha. He finally comes on the main room and Thuthothmes conducting a ceremony to resurrect a dead priest who knows about the Heart of Ahriman. Before he can complete the ritual the Khitian wizards sent by Valerius enter. They are looking for Conan but also want the Heart of Ahriman. A battle ensues with all the Stygians killed and only one Khitain left. Conan then battles him and wins. The priest Thuthothmes resurrected obeys Conan’s commands and leads him to a safe passage out of the city.

Later the conspirators that overthrew Conan gather. Seems there is a rumor Conan is alive and leading an army to reclaim his throne. The former priest Orestes comes to tell them that Xaltotun is plotting to bring back evil ancient Acheron. Xaltotun comes and kills Orestes and threatens the others if they don’t get in line. He also confirms that Conan is alive and leading an army. So they gathers their forces to meet him in battle.

First the puppet king of Aquilonia is approached by a man claiming to know a secret way to ambush Conan from behind. He leads the king into an ambush by those who suffered under his rule. Then the main battle is joined with Conan and the priest of Asura defeating Xaltotun with the Heart of Ahriman. Conan defeats King Tarascus and forces a surrender. At the end he plans to rescue the harem girl Zenobia who freed him and make her his queen.

“Conan the Cannibal”
By Fred Blosser

An article that points out Howard cannibalized from his past writing to come up with his only novel “The Hour of the Dragon.”

“Portrait of the Cimmerian as a Middle-Aged King”
By Roy Thomas

A portfolio of old pulp covers for the story “Conan the Conqueror”. It also had some from Japan.

So they finally decided to finish the adaptation of “The Hour of the Dragon” that was started in the giant-size series. As the article with this issue points out I can see where some of the elements were cannibalized from past stories. Yet it was done very cleverly and is an exciting story. It has Conan in an epic quest to regain his throne. It takes him around and includes his old Black Corsair buddies. Its very sad that Howard died so early. I feel that as a more mature writer he could have accomplished some great novels.


“The Curse of the Cat-Goddess”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Pablo Marcos

Conan is head of the Zuagir and comes back to find them raiding a religious caravan. Conan is angry at Fazal his second in command and give him a good thrashing. The caravan has nothing of value except a small idol shaped as a woman with the head of a cat. Conan starts to throw it away but the idol has some strange hold over him and he keeps it. Soon his men start to notice the change. Conan starts to give no quarter.

One night Fazal sneaks into his tent while he is sleeping and deposes Conan as leader. He grabs the idol and soon finds himself under it’s spell. To solidify his leadership he ties up Conan and has the Zuagir attack a city. It ends in disaster and Fazal flees. Conan manages to free himself and kill the treacherous Fazal. Then he throws away the idol which gets buried in the wind blown sands.

“Part IV of ‘The Gods of the Hyborian Age” Demi-Gods and Demons”
By Robert L. Yaple

The final entry in the gods of Conan’s time. This one goes into the savage gods of the Picts like Jhebbal Sag. It also explores the other various cults and demons that Conan encountered.

“The Hyborian Age: A Map”
Artist: Tim Conrad

A huge two page map of the Hyborian world with updates from the stories of De Camp and Lin Carter.

“A Fabian Portfolio of Conan”
Artist: Steve Fabian

A portfolio of six illustrations of Conan and Kull from their adventures.

“When a Tiger Returns to Atlantis”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Sonny Trinidad

Kull has been deposed by the evil Thulsa Doom and comes to Atlantis with Ridondo. He seeks a prophecy that says he will be able to find an army to reclaim his throne. To his surprise he finds a civilized city in his savage homeland. Some ape-men attack and take them prisoner. They give them to the city who promptly lock the two in the dungeon. The Lemurian pirate prisoner says that sorcery build the city.

Later Kull is taken to the king who turns out to be his old childhood friend Om-ra. The two reminisce and have a feast. Here Kull finds out that a sorcerer Sarna from Grondar came to Atlantis looking for asylum. He used the ape-men called Lorkars to build the city and make Om-ra the king. Later Kull meets another friend Khor-nah who is the general and a rivalry develops.

Kull then meets the wizard Sarna and his companion the beautiful Kareesha. Later Kull is ambushed by some Lorkars and manages to defeat them. He finds out from Kareesha that Sarna was behind it and will now use magic to kill Kull. Later the wizard orders a parade and uses his magic to animate the stone dragon to try and kill Kull. Kull manages to defeat it with the help of Kareesha who throw him the gem that animates the dragon. For his service in defeating the dragon Kull is made second in command of the armies of Atlantis.

“The Conjurer from Cross Plains”
By Fred Blosser

A review of Sprague De Camps’s “The Miscast Barbarian”. A biography of Robert E. Howard. Blosser found it informative and recommends it as a acurate biography of the creator of Conan.

So this issue was another mixed bag of stories and articles. Seems a death in the family forced Thomas to shelve the epic length adaptation for another time. So we get a short but good Conan story telling his ending with the desert raiding Zuagirs. Some article and art portfolios which were interesting and informative.

The big story was a continuation of Kull from the recently cancelled Kull and the Barbarians. It does fill in a gap to the story that was later carried on in the Kull color series. An enjoyable story that had a somewhat convoluted history between the magazines and color comics. Not disappointed with this issue but looking forward to issues that give Conan more time in his own magazine.


“The Forever Phial”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Tim Conrad

Conan is traveling through Brythunia when he is attacked by a white wolf. Later at a tavern he finds out the wolf belongs to a local wizard named Ranephi. He decides to leave rather than face the wizard but soon finds himself at his castle. First he fights off a fire elemental than a water elemental. He uses the water elemental to destroy each other. Then he finds the wizard and fulfills a prophecy by killing him with an ax. We find out at the end the wizard wanted to end is immortal life and manipulated events to Conan would kill him.

“The Elder Gods Part III The Gods of the Hyborian Age”
By Robert Yaple

The article about the gods of the Hyborian age continues. This time talks about Set and his worship in Stygia. The Earth-Mother gods of the Shemites. How Ishtar was adopted by the Kothians. The ape-god Hanuman in Zamboula and the cult of Asura.

“Death Song of Conan the Cimmerian”
Writer: Lin Carter adopted by Roy Thomas
Artist: Jess Jodloman

A poem about the life of Conan. His beginning and love of life to his final battle with the grim reaper.

“Sorcerer’s Summit”
Writer and Artist: Bruce Jones

A young man named Dars-Khras in Brythunia goes to a forbidden mountain Demon’s Tooth on a dare. He finds a young woman tied to a cross. The woman is named Luhra. Dars frees her but expects a reward in exchange. So he starts to kiss her but a giant bird comes and he has to kill it. Later every time he makes a move on her some creature like giant spiders or an octopus attack him. Finally they reach the castle of the wizard who imprisoned her. Arms come out of the wall and grasp Dars as Luhra grabs up his sword and kills the wizard. Only the wizard was projecting an illusion. Dars finds out that Luhra was an old ugly witch using him to get at the wizard. Dars walks away angry and sexually frustrated.

“The Hyborian Age Chapter 2 The Rise of the Hyborians”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from essay by Robert E. Howard.
Artist: Walt Simonson

Circe 17,000-15,000 B.C. After the Great Cataclysm the Thurian continent descends into barbarism. The surviving Atlanteans and Picts have great clashes that drive both races to devolve. In the East the Lemurians make it to the east coast and are enslaved by the race living there. They manage to revolt and drive their enslavers west. The ancient race eventually comes to the land that will be known as Stygia and destroy the pre-human inhabitants. From the north the Hybori are growing and drifting south.

“Corsairs Against Stygia”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from “The Hour of the Dragon” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Gil Kane and Yong Montano

Conan finds himself sold as a galley slave to an Argossean trader. Conan not liking being a slave throws the captain to the black galley slaves. He recognizes many of them as former comrades when he sailed with Belit as a pirate. They recognize Amra and revolt killing the crew. Then Conan takes the ship to Khemi the major port in Stygia. From a captured fisherman he learns the wizard that has The Heart of Ahriman named Thutohmes plans to use it to overthrow the wizard Thoth-Amon. So Conan disguises himself as a Stygian fisherman and enters the city.

Well this was an interesting issue. Instead of one big story we get several stories and articles. Part of the reason was to continue the adaptation of “The Hour of the Dragon” that was started in the cancelled Giant-Size Conan series. The only full length novel written by Howard was nice to see they didn’t forget it. This was my favorite of the issue.

The shorter story “The Forever Phial” was an interesting story with the wizard actually wanting to be released from his mortality. The wizard was a tragic figure that you felt sympathy with at the end.

The Death Song poem was helped with the illustrations to go with it. And the non-Conan story had a tongue in cheek humor to it. The hero was definitely not Conan but a hapless bumpkin who got what he deserved.

The article was another informative entry on the gods of Conan’s time and the history of the Hyborean age was also informative and augmented with the visual illustrations.

So an issue with lots going on to welcome me back from my vacation. Hopefully will get back to my normal schedule going forward.


“Beware the Wrath of Anu!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: Barry Smith and Sal Buscema

A reprint from Conan Classic #10.

“The Forbidden Swamp”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: Marie and John Severin

A reprint from Monsters on the Prowl #16.

“The Death Dance of Thulsa Doom!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: Marie and John Severin

A reprint from Kull the Conqueror #3.

“Web of the Spider-God”
Writer: Roy Thomas and John Jakes
Artists: Barry Smith and Sal Buscema

A reprint from Conan Classic #11

So this is the first and only annual for the Savage Sword of Conan. As you can see it was reprints from Conan the Barbarian and Kull color comics. These were excellent stories but already done. So if you missed them or want to see them in large black and white these were great. Otherwise nothing new.


“The Citadel at the Center of Time”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema and Alfredo Alcala

Conan is chieftain of the Zuagirs and is raiding caravans around the city of Akbitania. One caravan only has a captive saber tooth which gets loose and Conan has to kill. On questioning the woman in charge Conan learns that the cat came from a mysterious Ziggurat that suddenly materialized in the city. Occasionally the wizard inside trades jewels or exotic animals that are sold north for arenas. Conan decides to check out this Ziggurat and see if he can’t liberate some wealth from the wizard.

So he goes into the city and at a local tavern is drugged by a dancing girl. He finds himself captive of the wizard Shamash Shum-Ukin. Shamash was a king of Babylon until the armies of Assyrians were about to conquer his city. He used the Well of Time to escape back into the past. Now he gives sacrifices to the well and it gives back stuff like man-apes, cave bears, neanderthals and a T-Rex. Conan manages to escape and in the ensuing fight the T-Rex escapes and destroys the temple. Luckily Conan manages to use the giant crossbow the wizard had conveniently hanging around.

“Crom and Mitra: Gods to Swear By part II of The Gods of the Hyborian Age.”
By Robert L. Yaple

This article deals with the gods that Conan swore most by. Ymir of the north. Crom from his native Cimmeria and Mitra from the Hyborian kingdoms. Tells a brief history and worship of these gods.

“The King is Dead part IV of Chronicles of the Sword”
By Lin Carter

An article that deals with the huge success of Conan after the failure of the Kull stories. A high point in Howard’s work that was tragically cut short by his suicide.

“Lines Written in the Realization That I Die”
By Robert E. Howard
Illustrations by Barry Smith

A poem by Howard that was dark and beautifully written.

“The Hyborian Age chapter I: The Pre-Cataclysmic Age Circa 10,000 B.C.”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist Walt Simonson

A history of the Hyborian age that fictional age created by Howard. It starts with the Pre-Cataclysmic Age. The age of the Thurian civilization and Kull. Ends with a great upheaval that sinks continents.

So this was the longest non-Howard adaptation of a Conan story to date. I found it a very original story. I loved the idea of this Babylonian who travels back to Conan’s era and uses this mysterious well to bring prehistoric creatures to Conan’s world. I know that this was later used as a What If? issue that brought Conan to the the present circa 1977. My favorite What If? that will appear on this blog someday.

The articles were informative and an enjoyable read. Most of the articles in this magazine were of high quality.

The poem was a smart idea after reading about Howard’s suicide. Gives a feel that the man had some serious inner demons.

Finally the history of the Hyborian world is an excellent idea to present in illustrative form. Amazing to the detail that Howard went into for his fictional world.


“The Sleeper Beneath the Sands”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Sonny Trinidad

Olgerd Vladislav the deposed chieftain of the Zuagirs is riding in the desert. He collapses and is about to be buzzard food when a caravan passes by and rescues him. The kindly leader and his daughter nurse Olgerd back to health. This caravan is part of a religious order that is making a pilgrimage to ruins in the desert. Every century they must recite some words or the sleeper beneath the sands will wake. Olgerd also hears that Conan the man who deposed him is going to these ruins to meet his lieutenant. When the lieutenant comes Olgerd kills him and then kills the leader. He takes his daughter hostage and forces his men to capture Conan when he arrives. This they do and Olgerd is going to torture him when the Turanians arrive. At this time the sleeper wakes. It drives off the Turanians and drags Olgerd down with it. The daughter sacrifices herself to drive the sleeper back to hell.

“Gods of the Hyborian Age Part One: The Homes of the Gods”
By Robert L. Yaple

An article on the various gods that are worshipped in the Hyborian age of Conan.

“Can Any Good Thing Come Out of Cimmeria?”
By Lin Carter

An article on how after Howard’s rejection of Kull stories he altered them with the Conan stories we now came to love.

“People of the Dark”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Alex Nino

Jim O’Brian is going to some old caves to kill his rival Richard Brent. They both love the woman Eleanor Rand. He slips and falls then wakes up as Conan. Conan after the destruction of Venarium. Conan comes on a woman Tamera and her lover a Gunderman named Gaeric. He chases them into a cavern and finds them tied to an alter of lizard-men. Conan frees them and they make their escape. Only Tamera and Gaeric are killed. Jim O’Brian wakes up in modern times and sees Brent with the woman he loves. They are about to be attacked by a giant snake creature. O’Brian fires at it with his pistol and kills it but the dead body falls on him and knocks him over a cliff killing him.

So Roy did a sequel to “A Witch Shall be Born” from last issue. It tells the fate of Olgerd the deposed Zuagir chieftain. Very influenced by Lovecraft with its giant monster.

The two articles were interesting. I enjoy good scholarly work on Conan’s fictional age and origins.

Finally the Howard adaptation was excellent. I believe this was non-Conan story that just happened to use the name Conan. Howard loved to recycle names. Roy just changed it slightly from ancient Ireland to Cimmeria. Still an excellent moody story of reincarnation and finding redemption in a future life.