“The Hell Beneath Atlantis!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ed Hannigan & Alfredo Alcala

Kull, Ridondo and the Lorkars go down the stairs that Kareesha created. They cross a fire lake and fight monsters that come at them. They manage to cross and find the bodies of Khornah and Shemenom. Sarna arrives and snatches the power ring from the finger of Khornah. He then uses it to take over Shemenon against his will to fight Kull. Kull and his allies fight and he manages to knock the ring from Sarna. This causes him to lose control of the body to Kareesha. The sight of her drives Shemenon mad with thoughts of his lost love and he turns on Sarna. Kull and the survivors block off the entrance to Hell and Kull with Ridondo and a Lorkar as his companion heads back to Atlantis.

This was a satisfying ending to the quest to stop Sarna. Sarna is dead and so it would seem is Kareesha. Although the last panel has her image so maybe she survived somehow. Anyhow Kull will have to deal with the cowardly soldiers that deserted him next issue. They persuaded king Omra to have Kull killed so it should be an interesting return. Next issue we get a new writer and artist so the series is going in a new direction.

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