“Project: Sabre-fang”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Dan Spiegle

Zorek the commander of the Sky Gods has come up with a plan to eliminate Tragg and Lorn. Using the Yargonian advanced science he combines the caveman Gorth with a saber-toothed tiger. The new creature named Sabre-fang is sent out to hunt down the fugitive couple. Keera is not happy with this since she is still obsessively in love with Tragg. So she sneaks away and stops Sabre-fang from killing Tragg in the nick of time. Instead she has Sabre-fang go after her archrival Lorn.

Tragg after recovering from the attack still rejects Keera and goes after Lorn and the Sabre-fang. He manages to save his mate and at a tar pit manages to defeat Sabre-fang. The two then continue to look for help in freeing their people from slavery.

This is the issue that I got as a kid. I was captivated by the world that was portrayed in this comic. Years later as an adult I managed to track down and get all the other issues. It must be tough to be Tragg. Has a beautiful mate and another hot alien chick pursuing him. I feel kind of sorry for Keera. She’s engaged to a total tool and seems quite lonely. So the prehistoric soap opera will continue.