“The Creature and the Crown!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull is fighting an awakened Gassgha. Only Gassgha had a little too much wine and not very steady on his feet. Kull manages to jump on him and steal the crown off his head. Then he rams the head into the wall and impales the horns. Later has they flee. Gassgha comes after them but falls off the drawbridge into the molten lava pit. This causes Kull, Lorelei and Ridondo to be transported back to Torrania. Later while in his chambers Kull gets into a fight with Lorelei who is not happy that Kull killed poor only lonely Gassgha. She leaves and Norra the female wizard sees her chance. She comes in and seduces Kull. Lorelei comes back having second thoughts but sees Kull with Norra and decides to leave the city. The captain of the guard tries to stop her and becomes a mummified corpse as he leaves the city limits.

So next morning Kull is ready to be crowned king of Torrania. Norra who has fallen in love with Kull warns him not to accept the crown. It is a trap and she pulls off Korr-Lo-Zann’s wax hand as proof. Kull cut off one of the wizard’s hand of the three that were after him. Only now the mysterious master of Torrania appears. He turns Norra into a mummified corpse and it is none other than Thulsa Doom.

Well the action is picking up in this issue. Kull gets the crown and returns but loses Lorelei. I was saddened at that since I really have grown to love the relationship between the two. We of course knew the three were the evil wizards and it was obvious that Thulsa Doom was the mysterious master. Still it was an good reveal. Norra’s betrayal of her colleagues was a surprise. This is the next to last issue. In the letters page they hinted that sales weren’t good but apparently they were very not good. So we are coming to a conclusion of Kull’s exile and his final battle with Thulsa Doom.


KA-ZAR #16

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Kenny Martinez

Ka-zar has stepped out of the apartment of Matt Murdock to get some fresh air. Unfortunately the Punisher is waiting in ambush. Ka-zar still mostly blind and deaf falls off the roof but still manages to land without breaking too much bones. The Punisher is using non-lethal ammunition because he is still unsure if Ka-zar really is a criminal. Well the two fight each other and Ka-zar convinces the Punisher he is not responsible for the shooting on the subway. Meanwhile in the Savage Land Shanna and Zira have to flee the vengeful denizens of the Savage Land. They now blame Shanna for all their troubles since she lost her nature powers.

Well this issue was OK. Nothing really exciting happened. The big Ka-zar/Punisher fight was somewhat of a dud. Shanna is finding out how fickle people are. One day they worship you as a goddess and the next they want to kill you. Her little tussles in the Savage Land in this issue were also so-so. I think it will pick up next issue with Ka-zar trying to get home. This was a mediocre issue.


“The World Within!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull and Ridondo are climbing a cliff to the monster’s castle. They have to fight off a giant lizard that is climbing up after them. Fortunately Kull knows what to do and tosses a huge boulder on it. Meanwhile Lorelei has become the captive of the monster named Gasshga. She is rightly terrified but Gasshga seems an easy going talkative sort. He is interrupted by the giant lizard from before that has entered from an underground passage. He fights it and comes back exhausted and tells Lorelei his story. Kull and Ridondo use the same passage the lizard used to get in. They come upon the sleeping Gasshga and Kull is about to plunge his sword into his heart. Lorelei comes and stops him. The noise also awakens Gasshga who is looking for a fight.

This issue was OK. I mean there wasn’t a lot really going on. Kull and Ridondo have a lot of snarky comments between them as they search for an entry to the castle. Lorelei does a lot of cowering with Gasshga. Kull and Gasshga fight the same giant lizard. At the end Lorelei seems to have Stockholm Syndrome since she is siding with Gasshga. Oh and Gasshga is awake and looking for a fight so the next issue should start out with a bang.

KA-ZAR #15

“Jungle Book”
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Kenny Martinez

Ka-zar has been befriended by the woman from the subway named Jameke. She takes him to the doctor who is able to rig a microphone to his ear so he can at least talk to someone. The doctor recognizes Ka-zar and calls the police who come and surround the place. Ka-zar with the help of Zabu and his new friend Jameke manage to escape. He calls Matt Murdock’s law firm and gets help from Foggy Bottom a partner at the firm. He puts Ka-zar up in Matt Murdock’s apartment while Matt is out of town. Meanwhile the Punisher has taken an interest in hunting down Ka-zar. Shanna and Zira are finding the inhabitants of the Savage Land are now very hostile to Shanna. Some of the Man-Ape tribes attack and they burn down the treehouse home.

So we have Ka-zar blind and mostly deaf with the cops and the Punisher out to get him. His friend Jamake is a mysterious woman who seems to really want to help Ka-zar. Not sure what her deal is. Ka-zar is spending time at Murdock’s place and finding leftover signs of his past relationship with Shanna. A nice realistic touch to the story. Finally in the Savage Land the native tribes are now turning against Shanna which shows how fickle people are. The new writer/artist team is working out.


“Into Death’s Dimension!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Rudy Nebres

Kull is in his chambers thinking about being king of Torranna. Lorelei joins him and soon after he tells her of his plans and also asks her to be his queen. The proposal is interrupted by Ridondo who stumbles into the room. He has recovered and found a secret passage that lead to Kull’s room. Kull has a policy to always find out where such passages lead. So the three go exploring and come to the dungeon where they rescued Ridondo. Norra and Gar-nak are having a lovers spate. When they leave the three enter. Soon they are discovered by the palace guard who has orders to kill any intruder. Kull easily manages to keep them at bay until Korr-Lo-Zann comes and puts a stop to it.

So there is a feast with the nobles. Next day Kull and a reluctant Ridondo are sent through the portal to recover the crown from the demon. They find a strange world full of dinosaurs. A castle in the distance seems like a good place to start their quest. Meanwhile Lorelei convinces the three wizards to also send her after Kull. They agree and she ends up right in front of the demon.

So Kull is in love and asked Lorelei to be his queen. I really love this woman and she has consistently shown she is a brave and capable woman. Ridondo does bring up that something is off about the city. Kull is oblivious to it but he has a point. The city is weird and I think there is something sinister. Korr-Lo-Zann and his companions are clearly in service to the creepy master with the fortune cookie riddles. So for now next issue promises a fun time in this kooky other dimension fighting a giant horned demon.

KA-ZAR #14

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Andy Kubert

Ka-zar is losing his wife Shanna and son to the High Evolutionary. So he goes around and tells the people of the Savage Land that the High Evolutionary is taking their beloved Earth Mother. So Ka-zar shows up with a huge army to confront the High Evolutionary. Shanna is starting to have second thoughts and wants to leave but the Evolutionary uses his creations to keep her prisoner. So a big fight starts. Ka-zar riding a pterodactyl and the Evolutionary a mutated dragonfly. Ka-zar then threatens to release the stolen Isotope E and super evolve everyone on Earth unless Shanna is released. The High Evolutionary agrees but Ka-zar is knocked off his pterodactyl. Shanna uses her power to grow plants to cushion his fall. This has snapped Shanna back to reality. She rejects her powers and the High Evolutionary. This impresses the High Evolutionary that Ka-zar has such stamina and leaves them. Ka-zar gets better and lives happily with his family.

“Ka-zar the Savage”
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Kenny Martinez

Ka-zar is on the subway in New York surrounded by two guys with pistols. Ka-zar attacks and the pistols going off both blinding and deafening Ka-zar. He still manages to take out the two thugs and a policeman who in his state he doesn’t recognize as a cop. Zabu who was following busts in and with the help of a woman stranger take Ka-zar away. Through flashbacks we learn that Ka-zar and Zabu are back in New York to take care of the hotel room they were renting. Shanna is depressed after losing her nature powers and recommends that Ka-zar go alone as she works out her problems. While riding the subway he got into a fight with some thugs. So now he finds himself at the woman’s apartment blind and deaf. Also he is a wanted man.

A big double size issue with flip covers. The first was the conclusion to the High Evolutionary story and the swan song for the Waid/Kubert team. An enjoyable issue that sees Ka-zar use his smarts to get back his wife. The High Evolutionary is also shown as not evil but misguided. He sees his mistake and leaves with dignity and a newfound respect for Ka-zar. Shanna has her powers taken away and now the Plunder family is living a happy life. A good ending for the Waid/Kubert team who had done an excellent job on this series.

So as a bonus you flip the book and get the start of the new storyline from the new writer/artist team. Starts out right in the action in New York. At first you are dumped right in the middle of the story but through skillful flashbacks the reader is brought to speed on how Ka-zar came to his predicament. This new team shows great promise and the New York adventure they are starting looks intriguing.


“A Lizard’s Throne”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull and Lorelei are confronted by a giant snake as they enter the dungeon to free Ridondo. Kull jumps on its neck and tries to decapitate it. Lorelei goes to free Ridondo and notices him in pain every time Kull strikes the snake. Two of the hooded wizards are casting a spell from a smoking brazier. Lorelei smashes the brazier and the snake dissolves to smoke and goes back into Ridondo. The wizards were using his life force to conjure the snake.

The wizards flee and we find out they are two young lovers Gar-Nak and Norra. They have a visit from their master who shows them a lizard in a maze to get a chicken leg. The chicken leg was poisoned and the lizard died. The master thinks this is a very important lesson. Meanwhile Kull thinks Ridondo is dead as the wizard Korr-Lo-Zann arrives and manages to revive Ridondo. After finding a place for Ridondo to rest he introduces the other two to Gar-Nak and Norra. Lorelei is taken to get cleaned up while Korr-Lo-Zann tells Kull of the cities history. A demon from another dimension came through a rift and killed their former king. Korr-Lo-Zann and his two companions managed to expel the demon. Now they need a new king and offer the throne to Kull. There is just one catch. He must go to the demons dimension and retrieve the crown he stole.

So this was fascinating issue. We find out a little about the mysterious hooded wizards and the city they are in. Lorelei continues to impress me with her skills. She was the one who really saved Ridondo. The mysterious master the wizards serve sounds like a complete moonbat and still remains a mystery. Kull now has the opportunity to get a throne. One that he envisions in using to retake the Valusian Topaz throne back from Thulsa Doom. He just has to fight a giant one-eyed demon in another dimension to get the throne. Another enjoyable issue in Kull’s quest to regain his throne.

KA-ZAR #13

“The Politics of Evolution”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Aaron Lopresti & Randy Emberlin

Shanna under the tutelage of the High Evolutionary is growing more powerful. She continues to alter the environment and can now sense nature all over the world. Ka-zar has come to the conclusion that going to the High Evolutionary was a mistake. He can’t even talk to Shanna because she is too busy. So he uses their son Matt to get to Shanna. This gets Shanna to think about abandoning the power but the High Evolutionary has a plan to create a new world with Shanna’s help. He is going to convince Ka-zar to join them with their son. Ka-zar meanwhile has stolen a powerful element from the High Evolutionary’s lab that accelerates evolution. When he gets home the High Evolutionary is there. He gives the power to his son and threatens that Ka-zar must get in line or he will lose both his wife and son.

An interesting direction that Mark is taking the series. After the intense Urban Jungle story this is a much more laid back story. More on thinking than action. Shanna is becoming a goddess and losing touch with the real world. The High Evolutionary is adept at manipulating her and seems calmly going about getting what he wants. This is a new enemy for Ka-zar in that it will take brains and not strength to defeat this enemy. He has stolen the means to elevate himself. Will be interesting to see if he uses it.


“Screams in the Dark”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull is in the grasp of the demon-shade. It looks like all is lost but Kull is a determined barbarian. He manages to break free of the demon-shade’s grasp and destroy the outcropping that is causing the shadow. The flower he fought for that he thinks can save Loralei has died with the demon. So he goes back to the hunchback’s cottage to avenge her death. Instead he finds Loralei alive and the hunchback with a sword in his chest. The hunchback miscalculated his formula and paid the price. Later finding a map to the city they take off to rescue Ridondo.

They make it to the city and scale the walls. Then at the palace they find a magician who is entertaining people. Kull forces the man to tell him about the whereabouts of Ridondo. A scream is heard for Ridondo is captive in the dungeon and the mysterious wizards have summoned their master. Kull races down and after dispatching the dumb guard bursts in to find a giant snake.

Another fun story. This one sees that Kull is capable of using his wits as well as his brawn to get out of trouble. He clearly has feeling for Lorelai and she reciprocates. I think she is a perfect match for Kull. She proves herself in the way she handled the creepy hunchback. So Kull finally confronts the master to these strange wizards and it is a giant snake. Can never go wrong with a giant snake in the story.

KA-ZAR #12

“Earth Mother”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Louis Small Jr.

The Savage Land has been saved along with the rest of the universe. Things are getting back to normal except Shanna is now the one people look to as a leader. Ever since she absorbed the power of the terraformer she now has power over nature. This is causing Ka-zar to be a little resentful at his wife’s new found status. After they get into a fight over it he goes off to find the High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary is back in the Savage Land conducting his goofy experiments on evolution. He is completely disdainful of Ka-zar and shows no interest in fixing the terraforming machine. But when he hears of Shanna’s new found powers he has to investigate.

So the Urban Jungle story is over and we pick up in the aftermath. Thanks to Shanna the Savage Land is still around and not under the Antarctic ice. She seems to really enjoy her control over nature and I can see where down the road it might go to her head. Still Ka-zar does seem to be a bit immature. In fact at the end he does have some concerns since it looks like the High Evolutionary has become a little too interested in Shanna. A good laid back story after the more intense Urban Jungle story.