“Demon Shade!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Yong Montano

Kull and Loralei are pursuing the condor that has taken Ridondo. They come upon a demon shadow but it is only the outcropping of a rock formation. They rest and talk and get a little romantic. Loralei puts a stop to it since her only memory is a vow to never love a warrior. Luckily a hideous hunchback intrudes on their drama. The hunchback says he knows of a city that the condor may have went to. His master would know so they follow him back to an old shack. The master is gone so he offers wine. Loralei passes out after drinking. The hunchback says Kull must obtain a flower to save the girl.

So Kull goes back to the rock formation and there in a heart shaped patch of sunlight inside the shadow is a flower. He picks it and the shadow comes to life. Meanwhile Loralei wakes and finds out the mad hunchback was lying to send Kull to his death. He wants Loralei for himself and plans to use a love spell on her. Ridondo is taken by the three hooded wizards to an old city and meets their master. It ends with Kull in the grasp of the shadow monster and his life being sucked out of him.

I am really enjoying Don’s take on Kull. Lorelei is a great idea. I always thought Kull needed a woman and she is perfect. Beautiful and brave. She would make a perfect mate for Kull. Too bad he showed such poor judgement in trusting the hunchback. I wouldn’t trust the guy. Ends on a few cliffhangers for all our heroes so looking forward to the next issue.

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