“Part 5: The $6 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

Steve Austin wakes up to find himself in some helicopter hangar at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. One of Steve’s friends and Niko managed to find him after he jumped out of the Soviet airplane. Steve is basically a torso now and his friend Rick calls the Vice President to warn him about Amari’s plan to assassinate him. Only the VP thinks its a crank call. So Rick welds some temporary arm and legs on Steve. Then Steve and Niko go to the campaign rally of VP Paterson. They find that Amari is now a giant mutant type creature and Steve goes at him. Amari defeats Steve but is delayed long enough for reinforcements to come. Amari then dies from his severe mutation and the VP is safe. Later Niko is put in charge of Amari’s former island as Steve is back to new and battling Soviet agents in Tanzania.

The final issue was a strange one. Amari somehow turned into some gross mutant creature. Most of this story was a comedy and the last issue definitely turned up the humor. On the whole I liked this series. Steve Austin was a bit over the top with the comedy and cockiness. Still the series had the feel of the TV show. The characters and settings were vintage seventies. A good series if not great.


“Part 4: The $68,004 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

Steve has been knocked to the bottom of the ocean. His legs aren’t working well and it looks grim. On the boat Niko attacks her cousin and kills him. Then she lifts the anchor which passes by Steve and he grabs on to it. He manages to climb aboard and with Niko head off to the mainland. At the airport Steve calls ANSA and gets a recording. While at the airport they notice the Soviet jetliner and run over there and attack the Russians.

They find out the Soviets have abandoned Amari and are actually going to Hawaii to stop his assassination attempt. They invite Steve and Niko alone which they agree to. They catch up to Amari’s plane but Amari cleverly calls for help that a Soviet plane is threatening him. So the Soviets decide to leave and offer to allow the two to parachute out. Niko gets a chute but Steve jumps out without one and tries to land on Amari’s plane. He misses and crashes into the jungle.

So Steve gets saved and Niko has to kill her cousin. This is a poignant scene in what is for the most part a parody. So then they hook up with the Soviets and have some humorous banter. I still don’t get why the Russians are now anxious to help after being willing to provide a nuclear warhead to bomb Hawaii. We find out also that Amari’s main goal of nuking Hawaii is to get the Vice-President. For during the war as a general he was instrumental in choosing Hiroshima. A fun quick moving story.


“Part 3: The $1,475,964 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

The Soviet helicopter fires a missile at Steve Austin. He does manage to evade it and just than a lightning strike hits him. It powers him up but caused some damage to his bionics. His legs just propel him into the chopper and he damages it. This panics the pilots who decide to leave. It fact they decide to abandon Mr. Amari’s plan so the evil industrialist has to come up with another to get revenge against the U.S. Steve and Niko go to the village to look for a phone and Niko takes them to her family’s home. Steve inadvertently tears open the wall with his malfunctioning bionics. Niko’s cousins agree to get them off the island on the family fishing boat. Only the cousins are in the employ of Mr. Amari and Steve’s bionics fail by having his bionic arm punch himself in the face. He falls overboard and sinks.

So this issue we get quite clearly that Steve’s bionics are going on the fritz. Still he manages to drive away the Soviet gunship. We also find out Niko comes from the island and has a personal grudge against Mr. Amari. Her cousins are in his employ and ends on a cliffhanger. An amusing story but the character just doesn’t feel like the TV show.


“Part 2: The $4,178,512 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

Steve Austin has just had his leg cut off. Now him and Niko have to escape by going through the missile silo. The guards manage to puncture a fuel tank with their gunshots. Soon the missile will explodes. Niko leads the two to an underground mine that leads out. Steve sets off the fuel and incinerates the guards as the explosion blows up the missile. The two than make it to an abandoned monastery and Steve manages to repair his leg. But the battery is low so he climbs up on the roof to power it up with a lightning strike. Only the Soviet helicopter finds him on the roof.

So we learn that the Japanese industrialist was planning to nuke Hawaii in revenge for Hiroshima. Steve and Niko do manage to inadvertently blow up the missile and thus foiling the plan. Niko is upset that the mission has gone south. An interesting idea to have Steve’s bionics failing him and thus turning his bionic powers into a liability and asset at the same time. An enjoyable series so far.


Writer: Christopher Hasting
Artist: David Hahn

Niko Abe a Japanese agent has uncovered that a powerful Japanese industrialist has a nuclear missile on his private island. So she contacts the Americans and is disappointed that they send only one man. Colonel Steve Austin is a very cocky and arrogant guy. He brags about being a bionic cyborg. So the two infiltrate the island and find the missile. The KGB has arrived and brings a nuclear warhead. As the two try to leave they run into the guards and Steve manages to beat them up. A guy in a suit with a devil mask manages to chop off Steve’s legs with a samurai sword. Niko uses one of the severed legs to electrocute the attacker. As she carries Steve off they are confronted by more of the guys in devil masks.

So I enjoyed the first issue of this series. It had a tongue in cheek quality that was just meant to be fun. The setting of 1974 and an island of a Japanese industrialist with a nuclear missile really fits into the times. Now the only complaint was the writer did maybe overdue a little too much the arrogant cocky attitude. The TV character didn’t have that. I also don’t remember Steve Austin having a laser in his eye. Been a while since I watched the show so maybe that was there. Overall this was a fun and enjoyable start to this series.