“Different Flowers from the Same Garden”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

CASTRA’s army of mercenaries and Fembots under Radl are winning the battle for Paradise Island. So Wonder Woman and Jaime implement the only option they have. Going to the temple of Athena. There the Stones of Soteria resonate a magnetic field that keeps the island hidden from the outside world. They use the stones to generate a large electro-magnetic pulse that knocks out the Fembots. Meanwhile Wonder Girl, Max, Rudy Wells and Joe Atkinson successfully take out CASTRA’s HQ in South America. The evil villains set off the self destruct and Dr. Cyber vows revenge.

The final issue is this series comes to a satisfying conclusion. CASTRA is defeated and Paradise Island is safe. Some of the villains escape and we learn that CASTRA was not the main player. It was being used by an artificial intelligence called Alex 8000. Alex 8000 in the robot body of a beautiful woman was using CASTRA to acquire the necessary technology for her plans to control the world. So a sequel was left open. I hope its written. I enjoyed this fantasy team up. I could believe that this was a real TV special from back in 1977. It was very true to both series.


“Attack of the Fembots”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

Wonder Woman is wounded by Dr. Cyborg and both her and Jaime are in trouble. But its Wonder Girl and Max the Bionic Dog to the rescue. Max tears off Dr. Cyborg’s arm and Wonder Girl does a good job of smashing up the Fembots. Jaime flies the invisible plane to Transformation Island which is where the hospital is for Paradise Island. Wonder Girl and Max manage to rescue Ruby Wells and Joe Atkinson.

Jaime after dropping off Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island. She finds that the Amazons are in a desperate battle with CASTRA’s army of mercenaries and Fembots. Jaime has a plan that involves using the generator that shields Paradise Island to cause a massive electro-magnetic pulse and disable the Fembots. But it would also expose Paradise Island to the world.

The action is really heating up with this issue. An army of mercenaries and Fembots battling the Amazons. Wonder Woman mortally wounded. She gets healed at the end and is coming to join the battle. Even Max the Bionic Dog gets in the action. Jaime gets a cool change into Amazon armor and ends with a fateful decision to be made. Everything about this series just makes me want to smile. I feel like a kid back in the seventies.


“Where The Heart Is”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

Wonder Woman and Jaime visit Paradise Island. Jaime gets to meet all its colorful inhabitants. Meanwhile CASTRA is getting its army of Fembots ready to invade Paradise Island. They also are forcing Rudy Wells and Joe Atkinson the head of the I.A.D.C who we thought was dead to give up classified secrets. After their visit to Paradise Island Wonder Woman with Jaime, Drusilla and Max are searching former islands for the cabal. On one they find their base and get in a fight with some Fembots. Wonder Woman’s bracelets are knocked off making her vulnerable to a shot from Dr. Cyborg. She is hit and it ends on this and an army of Fembots approaching the beaches of Paradise Island.

So the fourth issue mainly deals with Paradise Island and all its characters. True not much goes on in this issue yet there was still a lot going on. Interesting to find out Joe Atkinson is still alive and Rudy is also prisoner. Drusilla the young Wonder Girl played by a young Debra Winger from the first season makes a return. This is just such a fun romp in nostalgia.


“The Past Becomes Present”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

A nuclear cruise missile has been launched from the freighter and its up to Wonder Woman and Jaime to stop it. Luckily they have the invisible jet and fly after it. Wonder Woman uses her golden lasso to snag it and destroy it. Then they go back to the freight but the crew has no knowledge to help them. One does turn out to be a Fembot or Manbot.

Meanwhile the cabal known as CASTRA gather together in the South American country of Lauay on Saint Molchan Island. The group consists of experts in bionic and robotics. Villains that both Wonder Woman and Jaime Sommers defeated. They have a plan to create transhuman soldiers to conquer the world. All they need is for Captain Radl to lead them to Paradise Island and the Feminium metal.

Jaime and Diana meet Rudy Wells and Max the bionic German shepherd. They take Max with them on their way to investigate in South American. After they leave the OSI building is assaulted by Fembots and Rudy is kidnapped.

The third issue is one that gives us the rundown on the evil CASTRA cabal. All the villains are introduced and there are convenient footnotes on the episodes they were originally in. A nice mix from both shows. I love how Mangels manages to capture both main characters personalities. They feel just like Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner. Plus Max the bionic dog and plenty of Fembots.


“Four Villains and a Funeral”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

There is a funeral for I.A.D.C head Joe Atkinson who was killed when their HQ was attacked. It is here that Jaime confides that she knows Diana is Wonder Woman. Jaime agrees to cover for her and the two are forming a bond. Later Jaime is assigned to find Wonder Woman and the two head out in her invisible plane to search for atomic missiles believed to be aboard a ship.

Meanwhile we are introduced to CASTRA. Its main head is a cyborg woman named Dr. Cyborg. She is working with the creator of the Fembots. They stage a prison break for an ex-Nazi named Radl who was the leader of the assault on Paradise Island back in WWII. Jaime and Wonder Woman find the ship and jump down and kick some ass. Unfortunately they are too late to stop the launch of a nuclear cruise missile.

So this issue we get introduced to the main villains. Thankfully they included what episodes that these villains appeared in the letters page. Otherwise I might be a bit clueless. It has been a while since I watched these series. The director Atkinson only appeared in the first half of season two Wonder Woman and the writer cleverly writes a reason why he was no longer with the show. Another great issue filled with cybernetic villains, Fembots and invisible planes.


“When Diana Met Jaime!”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondara

It is 1977 Washington D.C. A large explosion at the Cramer building attracts two superpowered heroines. Wonder Woman and Jaime Sommers work together to save people and put out the fire. They work well together but have an important meeting to attend. A big gathering of all the intelligence agencies is meeting at the I.A.D.C. An evil cabal known as CASTRA is planning something big. Jaime and Diana Prince are conveniently assigned together to check out some scientists.

So as the Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman the two manage to foil CASTRA agents from kidnapping the scientists. Then jumping on the invisible airplane the two save Steve Trevor and his team from an ambush. While they were gone CASTRA manages to infiltrate I.A.D.C headquarters, gas the occupants and steal vital information from the main computer I.R.A.C.

Now this is one cool idea for a series. Both Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman were shows I loved back when I was a kid. It actually makes sense to team these two characters up since they are from the same time. It stays true to the series with its evil cabals intent on dominating the world. Just a pure nostalgic trip back to 1977. We get bionic moves, invisible planes, golden lassos, and bell-bottom pants. Makes me want to check out the shows that I have on DVD.