“Future History Chronicles V To Race the Death Winds”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alaric, Reena, Graymalkyn and Strakor are now trapped on the city-ship Cathedralus. Their ship the Freedom Reaver has been sunk now trapping them. Soon the radioactivity on the ship will turn them into mutants. But some mutants decide to escape launching a balloon. The four manage to jump on and escape the mutant ship. Soon though they are attacked by three dirigibles and shot down by flamethrowers. They land in a jungle and are attacked by apes riding giant frogs. They wear top hats and speak with English accents. Calling themselves Her Majesty’s Cannibal Corps they capture the group and put them over a bubbling pot. They manage to escape and at the end find the base where the dirigibles came from.

“10th Anniversary on the Planet of the Apes”
By Samuel James Maronie

An article on the tenth anniversary of the start of the apes franchise. It tells about Arthur Jacobs and how he refused to do the movie as a cheapie and held out for quality. His further unexpected development of sequels and how he refused to do another after the fifth.

“Kim Hunter: The Woman Behind the Ape”
By Samuel James Maronie

An article on Kim Hunter who played Zira in the first three films.

“From Simians to Sharks: An Interview with Richard Zanuck”
By Samuel James Maronie

An interview with the producer who greenlighted the first apes film.

So the final issue. Seems they never knew this was the final issue for the letters page went on as normal soliciting for more letters. Still they only had one story and three articles. The story was the final adventure in the Future History Chronicles. I loved this series as it was a unique look into some other aspects of this future world that were never explored. It ended with us never finding out about who the mysterious people that had the dirigibles.

As for the articles they were OK but nothing special. They must have just decided to throw all the ones written into this final issue. As I said they didn’t even bother to inform the reader that this was the last issue.

So looking back at this series I loved it. Credit has to go to Doug Moench who single-handedly wrote ever single story in it’s 29 issue run. That is hard working talent and all of the stuff was original and excellent. A real shame that it didn’t last for it had some exciting and interesting stories about the world of the apes. The articles started out excellent but over time just became fillers. I am so glad I found someone selling these for $1 a piece at a show in a bowling alley some twenty-some years ago. I know they have reprinted them and I definitely recommend getting them if your a fan of the original apes series.


“Revolt of the Gorilloids!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe & Virgil Redondo

Brutus and his army of Gorilloids start to shell Ape City. Moravius the new peace officer organizes a defense of the city. They manage to hold off the first attack but are having problems with the crossbows they are using. They need guns and fortunately Steely Dan and Gunpowder Julius come to the rescue. Still with guns they still have trouble stopping the cybernetic Gorilloids. They must retreat and Brutus has won. Only the Gorilloids go nuts and continue to destroy the city. So Brutus has to use his tanks to destroy his Gorilloid allies. Yet this leaves him without a sizable army and the citizens of Ape City manage to arrest him.

“Profiles of the Future A Look at Conflict and Characterization in the Planet of the Apes”
By Ron Borst

A long article that basically summarizes all five movies. Said it before that they were scrapping the bottom of the barrel for article ideas.

“Tremor of Doom!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Virgil Redondo

The mutants have been driven off but Aldo defies Caesar and continues to hunt them down. He comes back and wants to kill the caged humans but Caesar intervenes. Aldo threatens to kill Caesar which causes the apes to be stunned. For Ape shall not kill Ape. Only Aldo has already killed an ape. One of his gorillas exposes him and a fight between Caesar and Aldo starts. Aldo being a coward tries to run away but falls off a tree and breaks his neck. The apes and humans decide to live in peace while the mutant Mendez also decides not to use the nuclear missile. In the future the Lawgiver concludes his story and hope for a better future. Outside a human and ape child are fighting.

So we are getting to the close of this series. This is the last of the Terror stories. It manages to come to a close but does have some threads hanging. Young Thaddeus has been turned to a cyborg and serves the Makers. The Makers plan to come and destroy all the humans and apes in the city. It seems the magazine still hasn’t found out its cancelled because it carries on as if there is a future. Its too bad since I enjoyed this series and would have liked to see where the writers were going with it.

The final adaptation also comes to an end. For the most part similar to the movie. The ending was different. I think they should have used it for it was more powerful. Actually they could have combined the fight with the crying statue which would have been awesome. So we also never get a look at what they had planned to replace this in future issues. I know they had something planned. Oh well.

Here is the trailer to the final movie.


“Apes of Iron!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Herb Trimpe

Brutus and his army of gorillas and mutants continue on to attack the city. They are attacked by cyborg gorillas called Gorilloids. They were created by the Makers a group of mutant humans. These Makers are apparently the creators of the Inheritors and now their bitterest enemies. The Gorilloids kill all the mutants and take the gorillas captive. They are to be brought back for the Makers to continue their experiments in creating cyborg apes. Only Brutus manages to use their hatred of the Makers to turn them to his side. Now with the tanks of the Inheritors and the help of the Gorilloids he can conquer the city.

Meanwhile Jason, Alexander, Malaguena, Lightsmith and Gilbert continue on in the Viking ship. They meet up with Steele Dan and Gunpowder Julius who are taking munitions to a fortress. Seems the Assisimians are on the warpath after Brutus killed their leader. Gunpowder gets them to settle the fight with him and Jason against two to the best Assisimians. They win and make peace with the Assisimians vowing to help them track down Brutus. Later at the feast they hear that the Lawgiver is dying so go off. They arrive in time to see a new peace officer sworn in just as Brutus’s army attacks. In a subplot young Thaddeus a 13 year old Orangutan who went to the Forbidden Zone to find a cure for the Lawgiver, stumbles on the lab of the Makers located in the library.

“Monkey Business in the Editorial Offices”
By John Warner

An editorial on how the Battle adaptation is so different from the movie because it uses the shooting script which was significantly altered from the final movie. Also starting in issue 30 a third series would start involving Derek from the Island story. Alias this was not to be since the series was cancelled with issue 29.

“I Say if it Looks Like an Ape, Talks like an Ape, and Walks like an Ape.. It is an Ape!”
By Jim Whitmore

An article on how to walk like an ape in costume with photos by Freff. This was demonstrated by William Blake and Paula Crist. As I have stated they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas on articles.

“Conquest of Blood!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Virgil Redondo

Breck and his mutant army starts shelling Ape city. A shell knocks out Caesar and the others flee. Breck then starts to play with Caesar with his flamethrower. Only Caesar manages to fight back and use the flamethrower to blow up the ammo truck. This rallies the other apes and they drive back the mutants as Aldo and his gorillas attack from the rear. At the end Caesar orders them to halt but Aldo wants to continue on and kill all humans and threatens to kill Caesar.

So the Terror installment is coming along to an exciting conclusion. I loved the introduction of the Gorrilloids and the Makers as new characters. I know they had grand plans for a new direction but sadly the series would soon be cancelled.

The Battle adaptation is quite different from the movie. I personally like it since its like a new story. The flamethrower welding Breck was not in the movie. A great series that is sadly coming to a close.


Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe & Virgil Redondo

Jason, Alexander and the others have just escaped from the Psychedrome. They find themselves in the snowy mountains. Fortunately there is warm clothing. A blizzard comes up and Lightsmith is captured by some mysterious figures. The group goes after them and runs into some Viking apes lead by Eriko. After a fight they find out the Viking apes didn’t kidnap Lightsmith but some others known as Snow-Shamblers did. These Snow-Shamblers are mutant human/ape hybrids and Eriko offers to help. First they go by Viking longboat to their village for a feast. Then they track down the Snow-Shamblers and kill the one who has looking after Lightsmith. This snaps Lightsmith out of his brainwashing. Seems the Snow-Shamblers were not evil and the whole group learns a valuable lesson. The Viking Apes give the group their longboat to get home but keep the alien keeper since he was foretold in a prophecy.

“Man and Ape: Reflections in an Imperfect Mirror”
By Lee Overstreet.

A flowery article about how the apes world reflects the world of man. I found it a bit pretentious.

“Assault on Paradise”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Dino Castrillo

Aldo has seized power and locked up the humans. Caesar meanwhile is paralyzed by grief over the death of his son. He does snap out of it long enough to confront Aldo but by then the mutant army has arrived. Fierce fighting between the gorillas and mutants with the mutants victorious. Aldo flees and abandons his gorillas. Then the mutants turn their artillery on the city with plans to wipe it off the map.

So we get another Terror installment. I do enjoy these stories. So now its Viking apes. A sad story with the killing of a gently creature. Lightsmith is out of his brainwash stupor finally. So the group are now sailing on a Viking ship home where Brutus and his gorilla/mutant army are marching on.

The article was crap which I am afraid of as the well of ideas is pretty much exhausted by now.

Finally the Battle adaptation is coming to an exciting conclusion. I loved the battle scenes as they were so much more epic than what the movie actually had.


“A Taste of Mutant Hate”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Sonny Trinidad, Yong Montano & Dino Castrillo

Caesar, MacDonald and Virgil are now trying to leave the underground bunker after finding the archive tapes of Caesar’s parents. Only they have to fight the various mutants. Caesar goes through a very hot radioactive room and manages to ambush the mutants. Then the three get out and head back home. At a council meeting Caesar tells of the mutant threat and that apes must form some sort of defense. Aldo and the gorillas are angry that humans are brought into the council and leaves. In the city Breck gets a report back from a scout of the location of the ape settlement and prepares to attack.

“A Catalogue of the Apes”
By Steve Clement

An article about the various merchandise available from the apes franchise. He goes to various stores and finds all sorts of stuff.

“The War Machine!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Sonny Trinidad & Virgil Redondo

Aldo is preaching to his gorilla followers that they must seize power from Caesar. Cornelius Caesar’s son overhears this while playing around in the trees. Aldo tries to catch him and cuts the branch he was on. It falls and seriously injures Cornelius. Breck leaves on an expedition to destroy Ape city. He leave Mendez behind with orders to use the bomb if he fails. Along the way a scout is attacked and three gorillas killed. Aldo uses this to seize power.

So in this issue because of some sort of screw-up we get two installments of the Battle adaptation. It is mostly like the movie. Some major differences are that Caesar gets a high dose of radiation and starts to lose his hair and get sick. The mutants are more dumb and crazy than in the movie. Otherwise it follows the script. As for the article it was OK. Kind of fascinating to see that apes merchandising was still going strong back in the seventies.


“The Doomsday Spawn”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Caesar, Virgil and MacDonald head out to the ruins of the city to find the tapes of Caesar’s parents. They find the horror of the city which is now a molten mass of steel and concrete. They enter the bunker and find that there are survivors. Governor Breck and his mutants are still active and gathering weapons. After viewing the tapes of the interview they try to find a way out and are walking into a mutant ambush.

“Man & Ape: Reflections in an Imperfect Mirror Part I”
By Samuel Maronie

An article on the five apes film and how they portray humans.

“The Shadows of the Haunted Cathedraulus”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alric, Greymalkyn, and Strakor from the Freedom Reaver are climbing on a city ship they find drifting. It has a huge cathedral on it. They group splits with the humans going one way and the ape another. They find a frightened member of their species and each tells a story about the New Order. That after the war their people were looking for food and came on the cathedral. Only the humans or apes that controlled it wouldn’t share. A brave member kills the leader and thus starts some strange religion that involves the ritual eating of human or ape.

The two groups meet up and decide to check out who is really behind this religion. At a ceremony some white robed figures are leading black robed ones to sacrifice. It is revealed that the sacrifices are crew members from the Freedom Reaver. The cultists are mutant apes and humans that want to spread their religion by purifying all the old unmutanted apes and humans. They free their fellow crew members but find out their ship has been sunk. That the cathedral is radioactive and soon they will turn into mutants.

So the Battle adaptation is mostly accurate from the movie. They used governor Breck which I believe was how it was originally written but the actor couldn’t do it so Kolp was replaced as the mutant leader. The mutants in this are truly deformed mutants which the movie didn’t manage to portray.

The article was a filler and OK but as most of them have now become not really needed.

Finally the next installment of the Future History Chronicles was excellent. A cool story that told the same story only from different points of view. At the end we find the crew now trapped on this radioactive Cathedral ship with no way of escape.


“Messiah of Monkey Demons”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Brutus has the nuclear weapons and crates of laser rifles in the Psychedrome. He can’t wait to use them to destroy all humans. Just then Jason, Alex and Lightsmith come in the subway car they stole. Brutus gloats and is about to kill Jason when the monkey-demons attack. This allows Jason and his friends to escape. They eventually find themselves back in the Psychedrome and force the alien keeper to lead them out. He takes them to another subway car that leads to the outside.

Meanwhile Brutus is distracted by the arrival of Maguanus of the Asissimians. One of the mutant drones radios his masters and informs them of the situation. They order him to destroy the missiles which he does. Brutus is angry at losing his weapons and casually has Maguanus shot. Then goes off to find Jason. Jason and company find themselves on a snowy hill. Meanwhile in Ape city the Lawgiver lies at death’s door. A young orangutan decides to go to the Forbidden Zone to find the knowledge to save him.

“Ape Out-takes!”

A montage of pictures showing the actors in ape costumes doing various things.

“The Weapons Show of Paradise!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Vicente Alcazar & Sonny Trinidad

In 2670 A.D. North America an orangutan tells the early story of Caesar. The ape city is being build but there is clear tension. Aldo thinks he should be in charge. At school he gets angry because he isn’t very smart and the human teacher inadvertently uses the forbidden word no. This requires the intervention of Caesar to stop him from being killed. Later at dinner Caesar and MacDonald talk about the situation. MacDonald tells Caesar that the future is grim and offers proof in the testimony of Caesar’s parents. It is in the command post of the old city. So the two with an orangutan go to get weapons for the journey to the old city.

The Terror story is one weird story. Which isn’t a bad thing but I was glad to see it come to a conclusion. Time to move on to more interesting parts of the world. Malaguena and Jason’s relationship is heating up. I loved Lightsmith and his brainwashed babbling. So Brutus mad plans are stopped for now. Still plenty of future action between our main protagonists and antagonists.

The outtakes were a filler with some behind the scenes pictures. Was sort of amusing.

Finally the beginning of the Battle adaptation. So far an accurate adaptation. Interesting to see how this series was not very nice to the gorillas. They are the dumb brutes while the chimpanzees and orangutans are the smart ones. I remember they also just used the clothing the apes wore in the future which I found a cop out. They should have had some different clothes but I suppose it was easier to use the old clothes.


“Quest for the Planet of the Apes Part I: Seeds of Future Deaths”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

A story set between Conquest and Battle. It is two years after the nuclear war. Apes are using humans as slaves to build their new city. Aldo is particularly a brutal overseer. This causes Caesar to intervene. A fight for leadership of the apes ensues. Aldo challenges Caesar to a quest to the old city. The one who brings back the most valuable item is the leader. So the two head off. Caesar is shocked at the devastation and decides to bring back the knowledge of what happened. Aldo finds an armory with guns and brings those back. Meanwhile Governor Breck with his followers escape and manage to grab the guns.

“Thirteen Decades of the Ape”
By Jim Whitmore

An article of apes in fiction. Starting with the first stories from the ancient Romans to the early explorers. Goes on about King Kong and the various imitations until the current times and the Planet of the Apes.

“From Shakespeare to Simian”
by Robert Cleveland

An article on Maurice Evans who played Dr. Zaius in the first two films. He started out as a Shakespearean actor on Broadway.

“Quest for the Planet of the Apes Part II: The Keeper of Future Death!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Governor Breck and his followers take Lisa the wife of Caesar hostage. They manage to defeat the renegade humans with great casualties. Caesar chases Breck and his followers Mendez and Alma out of the city. Then he has to fight Aldo for leadership. He uses his brains and defeats the dumb witted Aldo. Caesar decides to free the humans and have them live in an integrated society. He charges the old orangutan Mandemus to watch over the guns in case they are needed in the future.

So we get a story to bridge the gap between the two films. It was an interesting story and shows the ability to create some unique ideas in this series. Moench has been basically the one man behind this entire series and has done an admirable job of it. He sets up the conflict with Aldo and the mutants that happened in the final movie.

The articles were just not that great. I think the well of ideas has run dry for interesting articles.


“Beasts on the Planet of the Apes!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe, Dan Adkins & Sal Trapani

Derek Zane from the Kingdom story is now living the life of his dreams in the kingdom of Camelot on the island of Avedon. Only he feels he has a duty to look for the future astronauts so he leaves his wife for the mainland. At the raft he gets in a fight with a chimpanzee named Robin Hood who later agrees to accompany him. They ambush a chimp and take his clothes. Then with Derek as a human prisoner ride into the city. Derek is turned over to a Dr. Cassius who is about to perform an experiment on a talking human woman. Derek distracts the doctor long enough for the woman to escape and stab the doctor. Then the two with Robin escape in a wagon and blow up the armory. Only the woman is killed. At the end Robin goes back to the island while Derek stays behind to continue his search.

“SFX on the Planet of the Apes”
By Tom Sciacca

An article that covers the effects from the other four movies. Not much new or original here.

“Hail Caesar! Hail the King!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

The final installment in the Conquest adaptation. The rebellious apes lead by Caesar manage to make it to the city. They start to burn the shops and manage to break into a gun store. They defeat the security forces and drag Governor Breck and MacDonald out for a fiery speech on the rise of the Planet of the Apes.

So it was nice to see they didn’t forget Derek Zane and his strange part of the planet he is on. I forgot they had this story and I thought it was a nice change of pace. Otherwise the article was bore and the conclusion to the adaptation was good. So I will leave you with the trailer to Conquest to the Planet of the Apes.

And his fiery ending speech.


“Society of the Psychedrome”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Jason and Alexander find themselves in a strange globe that has lakes up above. Jason manages to use his Thompson submachine gun to mow down the flying demon monkeys. They make it to the center and take some strange alien creature with multiple eye stalks hostage. He leads them to the brainwashed Lightsmith who is now a “good person”. They then find a shuttle and take off to escape this strange place. Meanwhile Brutus and his gorilla/mutant army attack the pueblo settlement. He captures Malaguana and Gilbert. Brutus is also looking for the psychedrome and the nuclear missiles that are kept there.

“SFX on the Planet of the Apes”
By James Glenn

An article on the special effects used in the first movie. The spaceship was a model and also goes into squibs for gunshots and matte paintings.

“Army of Slaves!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

MacDonald has found out about Caesar. He lets him escape but he is captured. He is taken to a room and given electrical shocks until he talks. Governor Breck wants to make sure this is the talking ape. Caesar finally gives in and talks. So now he is ordered executed but MacDonald manages to shut off the power and Caesar fakes dying. Later he knocks out his torturer and straps him in for a session with the electro-shock. Then he leads a rebellion at Ape Management. The apes break out and head toward the city.

So this installment of the Terror series is getting weird. The strange globe of the psychedrome was some alien craft that I guess the government was using. The explanation was vague. Brutus is ruthless and about to get nuclear weapons. So it ends with an exciting setup.

The article was dull. I was afraid that they would exhaust ideas and start rehashing stuff like make up and effects which is now starting.

Finally the Conquest adaptation is coming to an exciting conclusion. For the most part sticks to the original movie except for when Caesar straps the torturer onto the table and gives him a taste of it. I believe this was the original writing but changed as it made Caesar not as sympathetic. I kind of agree with that assessment. It does make him seem more sinister.