“Graveyard of Lost Cities”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alaric and the Freedom Reaver are going to a Federation of twelve city-ships. There he hopes its leader Grimstark can help him to peacefully free enslaved humans. They find this Federation and Alaric with Starkor and Greymalkyn go on board. They are ambushed by thieves but fight them off. Greymalkyn finds an old friend who tells them about the city. Starkor was seriously wounded and Grimstark is the only one who can help. So they go to the tower in the center ship and find Grimstark. He originally founded the Federation as a peaceful place for all species but it has since degraded to one of superstition.

Meanwhile two disgruntled humans on board the Freedom Reaver decide to take matters into their own hands by rowing over and drilling a hole in the center ship. As the ship sinks the superstitious mob storms the tower. Grimstark escapes in his flying wings but is shot down by arrows. The other three jump overboard and manage to make it back to the Freedom Reaver.

“Glossary of the Planet of the Apes Part I”
By Jim Whitmore

A glossary of people, places and events from all five movies, the TV series and Marvel comics. Contains the A-G.

Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

North America 1991. Armando takes a grown up Milo to the city. There he witnesses the enslavement and mistreatment of apes. We get the explanation of the 1982 plague that killed the cats and dogs. How a search for new pets lead to the enslavement of apes. At the end an ape is being beaten and Milo shouts out. Armando takes the blame and is arrested since criticizing government officials is illegal.

So another Future Chronicles story. This one was an interesting idea to have all these city-ships tied together. Graymalkyn the gorilla has started to find common ground with the humans and both groups are set up to continue the exploration of other parts of the Planet of the Apes.

The glossary is a cool idea. Was very good and had many obscure trivia such as the corridor that lead to the mutant city in Battle. The names of minor characters and so on.

The first of the Conquest adaptation starts off strong. Doug lets the pictures tell the story with little need for narration. Also shows that human society in this dystopian 1991 is as much oppressive to humans as apes.



“When the Calliope Cries Death”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

The Presidential commission has decided that Zira and Cornelius’s baby will be aborted and they will further be sterilized. They don’t know this but Cornelius is furious at how his pregnant wife was treated. So angry that he knocks out the attendant who was bringing food to them. So they escape the compound. Later they manage to get in contact with their only friends Stevie Branton and Lewis Dixon. They take them to Armando who runs a circus and is more than happy to take them in. At the circus little baby Milo is born.

“But Who Shall Inherit the Meek?”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Dr. Hasslein is determined to find the apes. So he orders every zoo and circus searched. This forces Cornelius and Zira to flee. They are dropped off with directions to hide in a derelict ship at the wharf. They are given a map, food and a pistol. Zira decides to abandon her bag which is found. This leads Hasslein to find the apes in the abandoned ship. A shoot out occurs with Zira, Cornelius and the baby killed along with Dr. Hasslein. At the end it is revealed that Zira substituted her child with the newly born chimp at Armando’s circus.

So this issue they ran the final two adaptations of Escape from the Planet of the Apes. They also didn’t include an article so they were probably under the deadline pressure. The adaptation was an accurate recreation of the movie. Nothing really radically different. A sad story with a tragic ending. Sort of a reverse to the first movie only now it is the apes trapped in a human world. It also sets up the next movie which is considered to be the finest.


“Mother of Exiles”
Writer: Jeff Jensen
Artist: Jared Cullum

Amy is a chimpanzee who lives in the Statue of Liberty. She keeps it clean and is some refugee from ape society. She avoids others but one day a mutant comes injured. She helps him enough so he can move on.

Writer: Matt Kinot
Artist: Matt Smith

Apex is a gorilla in the army. He trains and does hard work keeping up the scarecrows at the borders of the Forbidden Zone. One day his unit finds a cave of humans that results in a fight. Later Apex decides to start a revolution to save the humans.

“Cloud and Rain”
Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma

Cloud and Rain are two young apes with Caesar’s group. They come on an injured human while foraging. While they try to help Koba comes and kills the human. Later Rain tries to get the proof that Koba killed a human to bring to Caesar. Instead Koba beats him to death and blames the human. Later he also decides to get rid of Cloud to cover his secret. At the end he meets with Caesar who shows him his new law. Ape shall not kill ape.

So another one shot. This one being focused on the apes. The first two were intriguing but sadly just too short and vague to really be effective. Now if the story had more room I think they could be quite good. The third was a look at Koba the villain from the new movies. We already see his hatred of humans and desire for power. A cool idea that needed more length to properly bring to its potential.


“Future History Chronicles II Dreamer in Emerald Silence”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

Alaric has led the survivors of Hydromeda to a deserted island. There are also some gorillas shipwrecked on the island. The two groups come to a truce and build a great ship. The gorillas have the knowledge and the humans the numbers to pull it off. Then the gorillas will be dropped off on land and the humans will use the giant ram on the prow to sink city-ships and free the captive humans. There is tension between the two groups which comes out in a fight between the gorilla Greymalkyn and the human second in command Starkor. When Alaric tries to break it up the three get knocked overboard and them swallowed by a sea-monster.

The sea-monster turns out to be a bio-mechanical submarine captained by an orangutan named Ambrosia. The ships name is the Dwelleron. Ambrosia plans to sink all the city-ships because they bring war and pollution to the seas. So the group has some adventures with a giant octopus and savages on an island. Finally as he plans to sink a gathering of city-ships Alaric and friends manage to take over the ship and convince Ambrosia to abandon his ways. They return to their ship but Ambrosia was shamed by the nobility of Alaric and decides to blow up the Dwelleron.

“In the Cradle of the Father’s Sins”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

The Presidential commission decides to give Zira and Cornelius into the hands of Dr. Otto Hasslein. He then has Zira put under with sodium pentothal. Here Zira reveals the future and how she did experiments on humans. We also learn how the plague killed the cats and dogs and thus replaced them with apes. The apes became slaves and eventually rebelled. At the end it is decided to terminate Zira’s pregnancy.

So only two stories and no articles in this issue. The first story continues the Future Chronicles and was basically a Captain Nemo on the Planet of the Apes. I actually found this to be an excellent story. Very original and interesting to see what was happening on other parts of the planet. The Escape adaptation was once again an accurate adaptation. Interesting to find that the ape revolt was supposed to happen two centuries from now which actually makes more sense than the 1991 date in the next movie.


“Up the Nose-Tube to Monkey-Trash”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

Lightsmith takes his guest to his home in Mount Rushmore or as he calls it “Lightsmith’s Lost Mount Mug-Face.” His theory is that the four faces are the worst scoundrels in history. So his home is in the nose of Abraham Lincoln and turns out to be a Presidential retreat. In the comfortable office he shows them the wonders which include a tape machine with the President telling about using the Psychodrome to brainwash the apes. Now Lightsmith thinks that is the greatest thing to get a brainwashing to cleanse the ignorance out of the brain. Which is why he is searching for the Psychodrome.

Meanwhile Brutus has infiltrated the Inheritors base and makes a new alliance with them. Back at Mount Rushmore the Assisimians have tracked the Wonder Wagon and attack. Lightsmith has the gang put on parachutes and jump down throwing grenades. They manage to get into the Wonder Wagon and escape. At the end they notice the dust cloud in the distance. It is Brutus leading and army of mutant drones, renegade apes and the war machines.

“Shaping a Simian World!”
By Samual James Maronie

An interview with William Creber who designed the sets for the first three apes movies. A competent interview but by now you get tired of articles about the sets.

“Trouble in Paradise Lost”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Zira and Cornelius have now become a public sensation. They get into a swank hotel and new fashions. They have tours of the city and guest lectures. Only they have kept the secret of the future world that humans are dumb animals and hunted for sport. Also that the world is destroyed. Doctor Hasslein manages to get the truth from Zira by getting her drunk. So he goes to the President with his desire to give the apes more enhanced interrogation to find out the truth. Also we learn that Zira is pregnant.

So the magazine has started a new format this issue. Less pages and no ads for a reduced price. I didn’t really have a problem with it. I mean the articles were running out of steam and starting to just repeat themselves so I didn’t miss two. The Terror story is getting interesting. Brutus is still out to kill all humans and subjugate the apes. His alliance with the Inheritors seems ominous. Lightsmith is a hoot. His goofy theories are a laugh but you wonder what people in the future would make of our civilization.

Finally the Escape adaptation is once again competent. The movie is not my favorite but has its moments. This is actually more of what Boulle wrote in his first novel and what was originally planed for the first movie but money issues forced them to rewrite it.


“Escape to the Planet of the Apes”
By John Warner

An editorial about how the editor was introduced to the team that is the subject of this issues article.

“The Magic Man’s Last Gasp Purple Light Show!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

Jason has come to Brutus’s secret base and finds it deserted. He does find a map that shows a location marked far to the west. So he sets out for it. Meanwhile Alexander and Malaguena set out to find Jason. They are captured by savage apes and tied to burning stakes. Jason while on his quest runs into Lightsmith and his traveling steam wagon. Lightsmith is searching for the knowledge of the ancients and has many old artifacts. So with his mute Gibbon Gilbert they set out for old South Dakota. Along the way they come on the Assisimians who captured Alexander and Malaguena. So Lightsmith dons the robes of the KKK and with Jason wearing a bear suit they put on a firework display that frightens the savage Assisimians to let their captives go. The story ends has they arrive at Lightsmith’s home Mount Rushmore.

“Two People Who are the Planet of the Apes part II”
Writer: Jim Whitmore

The second part of the interview. It talks about the alternate scripts to the ape movies and plans for a traveling CineMuseum the two want to do. It would feature the apes movies, Irwin Allen and Gene Roddenberry’s work.

“Strangers in a Strange Land”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Zira has spoken which freaks out their human doctors that were examining them. Soon after Milo is killed by the gorilla in the cage next to them. So they find out the apes can talk and bring them to a Presidential commission with the press present. Here Zira and Cornelius reveal they are from the future where apes talk and humans are dumb animals.

I loved the new installment for the Terror story. Lightsmith is a fascinating character. His take of the old days is hilarious. For instance TV’s were in a shrine in every home. They were hooked up to the god electricity and God would talk to people. He believes that God sent the Great Death because they were not spending enough time in front of it. Jason has become very radical and obsessed with hunting down Brutus for revenge. It is a joy exploring new parts of the future ape world.

The conclusion to the article about the two actors and their traveling ape show was very informative. I loved the glimpses in the alternate scripts. Pierre Bouille wrote one for the second movie and it is bizarre but very interesting.

Finally the Escape adaptation is accurate but nothing new from the movie.


“City of Nomads”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tom Sutton

An orangutan is assassinated by a hooded figure with a crossbow. We find out that the orangutan was a magistrate for Hydromeda. A huge floating city. Only the city is divided in two. On one side are the orangutans who are an aristocracy. They control the chimps and guns. On the other side are rebellious gorillas. They have no guns but are savage with their spears and cutlasses. The hooded figure than poisons the gorilla’s water supplies. This sets off a war between the two factions. The hooded figure is revealed to be a human and frees his people who are chained to the oars that move Hydromeda. He sets fire to the ship and gets the humans to safety in lifeboats.

“The People Who Are the Planet of the Apes: Part One”
By Jim Whitmore

An interview with Paula Crist and William Blake. They play Zira and Cornelius at events around the country like shopping malls and auto shows.

“Upward to the Earth”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Zira, Cornelius and Milo blast off in the salvaged spaceship just as the Earth is destroyed. They end up on Earth in 1975. The military has no idea what to make of the returned craft and its ape occupants. The apes are taken to the zoo where they are surprised to find out they can talk.

First the Nomad story was just brilliant. It had such an epic feel to it with this huge floating city. It also kept the secret that the hooded assassin causing all the trouble was a human until the end. Another enjoyable story taking place in a different part of the planet.

The interview was also interesting. I didn’t know these two were going around the country in ape makeup and doing very good impersonations of the characters. Would have liked to have seen that.

Finally we are starting the adaptation of the Escape from the Planet of the Apes movie. A good story with a minimum of dialogue but the pictures effectively tell the story.


“When the Lawgiver Returns…”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

Night in Ape City and the current administrator is unsure what to do about the growing unrest between humans and apes. He is visited by Brutus and his hooded ape followers who murder him and mount him on a cross in the city square. Now apes blame humans. Meanwhile the Lawgiver with his friends Jason, Alexander and Malaguena leave the riverboat Simian to make it to Ape City. Along the way they come on a group of humans fleeing the violence. The Lawgiver convinces them to return with him. When they arrive they find the city on the verge of open warfare between humans and apes. The Lawgiver manages to calm things down and plans on a speech tomorrow.

Brutus hears of this and goes to win the apes over to his side. He debates the Lawgiver and loses. So as a loser Brutus has his followers attack. They wound the Lawgiver and Jason manages to capture him and is going to beat him to death. Only he is restrained and Brutus is banished from the city. This enrages Jason that the killer of his parents is allowed to live. He turns on his friends and leaves Ape City.

“Outlines of Tomorrow: A Chronology of the Planet of the Apes”
By Jim Whitmore

An attempt to outline the history of the Planet of the Apes. Starting in 1973 to 3976 and using all five movies the TV series and the Marvel Comics. I found it an interesting attempt to outline the history with some logical attempts at speculating the history.

“The Hell of Holocaust”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

The ape army has arrived at the ruins of Manhattan and invaded. The mutants prepare to detonate the doomsday bomb. Taylor and Brent attempt to stop them. Along the way they run into a group of armed gorillas and Nova is killed. This unhinges Taylor who wants the whole world to be blown up. Brent convinces him to go on. At the temple Ursus shoots the mutant leader and plans to tear down the bomb over Dr. Zaius objections. Brent and Taylor arrive to stop them and Brent is shot. Taylor pleads with Zaius to help but Zaius refuses. Taylor is shot but before he dies he pushes the button that destroys the world.

The Terror storyline is back and now the Lawgiver finds his city rife with hate. The humans and apes are ready to go at each other but the Lawgiver manages to convince everyone to live in peace. Brutus is defeated but still lives to cause trouble. Jason is also consumed with hate and turns on his friends to continue to pursue his revenge. A story still relevant today. Too bad it isn’t as simple as a good speech to resolve everything.

The chronology was a good attempt to organize everything that has happened to date on the Planet of the Apes. I found it very helpful.

Finally the end of the Beneath the Planet of the Apes adaptation. It adopts the original screenplay so we get a look at what was originally envisioned. The main difference seemed to have Taylor threaten to push the button instead of accidentally fall on the lever. The movie had to have had the most pessimistic ending in cinema history. Still I enjoyed the movie and its adaptation.

The trailer to the movie.

And the final ending.


“The Mantle is Passed and Other Events”
By Archie Goodwin

An editorial that introduces the new associate editor. Also explains why the glossary is not in this issue. The Kingdom story was too long so they used a future article to fill the space.

“Kingdom on an Island of the Apes Part II”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Derek Zane has tracked the gorilla that took his stuff to the ape city. There he sneaks down and witnesses the gorilla general Gorodon murder the orangutan administer so he could take over the position. Derek gets the drop on him and ties him up. Then frees the captive humans and steals a wagon. He comes to the ocean and sees and island. So he builds a raft and takes the barrels of gunpowder that were in the wagon.

On the island he is captured by an ape in a suit of armor and taken to a castle. There he finds out he is on the island of Avedon, a society where apes and humans live in peace. The ape knight that captured him wants to have him killed but Lady Andrea convinces the king to spare him. So he is given the chance to prove himself by killing the dragon which turns out to be a giant mutant lizard. Derek kills it with his pistol but must then joust Sir Gwain the ape who hates him. He manages to defeat him and Gwain is banished for trying to shoot him in the back with a crossbow.

Finally General Gorodon tracks him to the castle and attacks. Luckily all the gunpowder comes in handy and destroys most of the army. Derek manages to defeat Gorodon and marry the princess.

“Finding the Future on the Fox Ranch”
By Sam Maronie

An article on the sets that were created for the movies.

“The Children of the Bomb”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Brent and Nova are witness to the bizarre religious service of the mutants as they reveal their deformed faces. Later Brent is taken to Taylor who the mutants have decided to mentally compel to fight each other to the death. Only Nova escapes and distracts the mutant long enough for it to be killed. They discuss the bomb and Taylor knows that it is a bomb capable of destroying the world. The ape army runs into the image of their scouts being burned alive and a giant statue of the Lawgiver bleeding. Zaius exposes the images as not real. So the army continues on and the mutants prepare the bomb.

The Kingdom story was a very interesting and well done story. I found it a fascinating look at another part of the apes world. I would have liked to have seen more of this story. It ended with the possibility open that further adventures would continue. But they decided not to do anything with it.

The article was OK but nothing outstanding. The movie adaptation continues to be faithful to the movie. Some minor differences but a solid adaptation.


“Armando’s Tale”
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: George Schall

Armando takes in baby Milo and raises him. He has to keep it secret that Milo is the talking ape baby of Zira an Cornelius. Young Milo wants to be part of the world and comes up with the idea of being part of the circus by learning to ride a horse. His act is a big success. Later as time goes by we see Armando being offered a job to train apes as they are starting to be sold as pets that can do simple tasks. He finds out in 1991 he has terminal cancer. We end with him taking Milo into the city.

“Man’s Best Friend”
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Carlos Magno

Lucian is a successful orangutan lawyer who decides to buy a young human boy. He is trained and becomes part of the family. He even manages to save the life of his young son who was drowning. The boys grow up and go off to school. One day the boy named Bolo gets sick and dies. Lucian assures his son when he comes home that Bolo has gone off into the country to be well taken care of. In the end two gorillas talk of making a new coat from Bolo’s hide as he is transported in a wagon on garbage.

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Morgan Beem.

A group of humans are living an idyllic live on a mountain. One day they come on an ape raiding their freshly caught fish. The ape is captured and the group debates killing him. One is the son of Malcolm who was friends with Caesar. The ape escapes and Malcolm stops the woman from shooting him. At the end other apes come but the captive ape named Roman decides to let the humans have their mountain.

This one-shot issue had three stories from both versions of the apes movies. Armando’s tale was in interesting look into the alternate future of young Caesar’s childhood. A short story that deserves to be explored in more detail. The second was a brutal one about how humans have fallen. It really hits home that even a part of the family a pet human still ends up as garbage. The final one takes place farther in the future. Sounds like it is rare for humans to still talk and the apes are well advanced in building their civilization. Also deserves to be developed in more detail. A solid and enjoyable anthology.