“Do Do That Voodoo!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard and Bev are in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. They get into a fight and Bev goes off to talk to other men. During this time a guy in a duck mask has his henchmen kidnap Bev for a sacrifice to a duck deity. Howard gets into a fight with some loudmouth and is rescued by Mammy Tuba. She has a number of animals that can speak and she is a witch. She offers to help Howard by giving him a book on voodoo and some supplies. He then goes after The Dark Talon in Le Mort Bayou. Dark Talon actually wanted Howard and has been waiting for him. Howard uses the voodoo doll to cause pain in Black Talon by poking it with a needle. He also calls up zombie ducks to attack. Black Talon calls up the duck deity who is not happy with Black Talon. He kills Black Talon for all the ducks that were sacrificed.

“Heavy Business in a Mediocre Motel!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard and Bev are staying at a dumpy motel. Here both get in an argument over Howard’s attitude. Bev goes into the bathroom and Howard is in the main room. Both have conversations with their image in the mirror. Their mirror images both argue from them to break off the relationship. Howard decides to not take the advice and apologize but its too late. Bev breaks it off and kicks Howard out.

“The Linoleum Lizard”
Writer: Steve Skeates
Artists: Gene Colan & Ricardo Villamonte

Howard is now in Chicago after breaking up with Bev. He gets in the middle of a gunfight and wakes up in the office of private eye Dirk Byrd. A woman comes looking for Byrd and mistakes Howard for him. She drags him off to a mansion. There with here obnoxious sister and creepy butler Howard discovers the murdered body of the real Dirk Byrd. None of the inhabitants think anything of the dead body and Howard is taken to the mother. She wears a Deborah Harry mask and wants Howard to find her sons. She feels her daughters aren’t worth the inheritance. Her sons are one person with two heads.

Howard decides that these people are too weird and plans to get as far away as possible. Then he discovers the Linoleum Lizard Bar. This was a clue that Byrd left behind. After an altercation with a phony two headed guy Howard figures out the whole scheme. He goes back and the creepy butler is actually the two-headed son in disguise. He was there to bump off his two sisters and when Byrd discovered to truth he killed him.

“Howard The Duck: Homeward Bound”
By Steven Grant

An article on Howard’s origin and how he got his own series. I found it kind of interesting.

So this is the last magazine issue for Howard the Duck. The reasons given were many but it was stated that Howard would move back to the color comic line. The magazine run started out with some ups and downs. Bill Mantlo had some preachy and confusing stories in the beginning but was getting better and better. Since the Duckworld issue this series has been consistently enjoyable. Except for the loathsome Street Peeples I have enjoyed it and sorry that it came to an end. Howard the Duck is one really off the wall creation. Yet there was some enjoyable satire from everything about society. I will have to some day check out the color comic series.


“The Grey Panther”
Writer: Bill Mantlio
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard and Bev are hitchhiking and get a ride from a colorful old man in his modified Model T. He takes them to Miami and when he hears they need jobs takes them to a rest home. The Wake No More nursing home run by Gerry Atric. He gives the two jobs as aids. In reality Gerry Atric is the Grey Panther. A man obsessed with power to take over Miami and put the young people in their place. He kidnaps the under 30 attendants and forces them to play shuffleboard, rock, knit and gum down low sodium slosh. Howard is helped by one of the residents who is secretly working for the Social Security Administration. Appears Atric is misappropriating the residents Social Security checks. In the end the Grey Panther is felled by a heart attack.

“How the Duck Got His Pants”
By Steven Gerber

An article on the myths and facts of why Disney forced some changes on Howard so he wouldn’t look like Donald Duck. This included putting on pants. An interesting article.

“Ducktective Comics”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Marshall Rogers

Howard and Bev are enjoying themselves at the beach when a shark attacks. Howard stuffs a beach ball in the sharks mouth which when he bits down propels him away. Howard is now a hero and a man named Spruce Payne offers the two a job. He sells a Super-Scent that supposedly is the sweat of super heroes. He puts on a show at the Mammoth Mall where Duck-man and Duck-girl battle the supervillains The Jokester, Puffin and Quizling. It is a hit and he sells the potion for $20 an ounce. Later while doing the books he finds out that his supervillains are embezzling from him. They kill Spruce Payne and frame Howard and Bev for the crime. Now as Duck-man and Duck-girl the two battle these villains and the Maller to clear their name.

“Best Friends”
Writer: Lynn Greame
Artist: Ned Sonntag

Something is going on with the Street Peeple. Cheyenne meets a childhood friend and the gang go out to the suburbs for a party. Something happens but I have absolutely no clue whats going on. This feature is pure shit.

I absolutely loved this issue except for Street Peeple. The first with the Grey Panther and his goofy machines that were forcing the young to do what they made the residents do is just hilarious. Maybe I am getting old but I love it when the under 30 get their comeuppance.

The second was a Bat-man spoof and it was obvious what villains the trio were spoofing. There is even equipment like the Duckarang and a Duckmobile. An old VW with a bill in front at looks more like a penis then a duck bill. I think Bill Mantlo is finally getting the hang of what this series should be about. Just sheer goofyness and fun.


“Of Dice and Ducks!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Gene Colan

Howard and Bev find themselves back on Earth in the Florida swamps. It is here they run into the Man-Thing. The Man-Thing is drawn to the emotions of these two. Emotions that for Bev turn to fear and anything fears the Man-Thing burns. Luckily she faints and the fear goes away but the Man-Thing still picks up Bev and carries her away. Howard is knocked unconscious and later awakens in time to escape an alligator.

In searching for Bev he sees them go to a town that has been designed to look like the board game Monopoly. When Howard arrives at the toll kiosk he is given $200 and a little race car to use. Large dice roll a three and he breaks down at Baltic Avenue. The owner a blind blues critic sells the property for $100 and the race car. All the while the little men in suits appear and give him community chest or chance cards. One is to go to jail and he finds the chief architect for this town known as Swamp City. The man tells how the developer who became a gorilla named Kong Lomerate foreclosed all the property.

Howard stages a prison break and continues on to find Bev at a house. Man-Thing brought Bev to a young girl in a wheel chair who is the daughter of the architect. Man-Thing has developed a bond and helps them to reunite her with her father and find her mother. The trail leads to Boardwalk where Kong Lomerate has brainwashed the mother with all the consumer goods. A big battle ensues that sees Man-Thing defeat Kong and free the inhabitants of Swamp City. In gratitude they give Howard and Bev some money. But the money is phony play money so the Greyhound bus driver throws them off and they are forced to walk to Miami.

“Duck of Many Faces”
By Bill Mantlo

A portfolio of several artist that submitted drawing of Howard and Bev. Marie Severin did The Cheap Ducktective. A sort of Noir detective picture. John Byrne King Duk’s Tomb. An Egyptian mummy scene. Marshall Rogers Duckman a parody of Batman. Walt Simonson Snailian. A take on the Alien movie. Howie Chaykin Fred ‘N Ginger. A Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers look.

“Dynamite Baby!!”
Writer: Lynn Graeme
Artist: Ned Sonntag

Riff is still pretending amnesia so he can stay at the Street Peeple’s place because he has a crush on Cheyenne. Qwami gets involved in a plot to blow up the Bank of the United States.

Ok so Howard and Bev are back and find themselves in one weird place. I really liked this story with its use of a giant town based on Monopoly. Combined with the Man-Thing it was a very surreal issue but quite interesting. An enjoyable story for Howard’s adventures back on Earth and these are the stories that I enjoy. Looks like Bill Mantlo is getting the hang of writing for Howard.

The art portfolio was just some beautifully drawn renditions of Howard and Bev to the various cultural icons of the time.

Finally Street Peeple was just a stinking pile of crap. Characters you could care less about, incomprehensible plot and poor drawing. I suppose that was the sixties in a nutshell.


Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Michael Golden & Bob McLeod

Howard and Beverly are going back to Howard’s home world of Duckworld thanks to Winda Wister’s ability to shift the cosmic axis. So the pair find themselves in New Stork City which was Howard’s old home. Naturally a big hairless ape attracts a lot of attention. What they weren’t expecting was that the ducks mob the two tearing off their clothes as sacred objects. The two manage to run away and hide out in an alley. They then go to Howard’s parents home.

The home is now a sacred shrine and a large crowd is gathered to hear the Reverend Ganter who heads the Witness of the Ascension Cult or WACies. A few years ago Howard was at Quent State University when an anti-war protest was fired on by the national guard. President Duxon was there and Howard was yelling at him when the cosmic axis shifted and brought him to Earth. Now a cult has arisen around the event.

Howard is not happy with the Reverend and reveals himself. He tells the people to start thinking for themselves which they do. Howard and Bev get on the Tonight Show with Johnny Quackson to tell their story. But the reverent Ganter has a plan and uses a guest to turn on a vacuum cleaner and tear off Bev’s clothing. It reveals her as a truly non-duck being and turns the people against Howard for taking her as a lover.

So with the help of Truman Capoultry the two find Duktor Strange who just happens to be a drunk in the alley to transport them back to Earth. They escape in time before Gander and his boss Uncle Scrounge MacDrake get to them. At the end they find themselves in a swamp with the Man-Thing behind them.

“Street Peeple”
Writer: Lynn Graeme
Artist: Ned Sonntag

It is the sixties in San Francisco and three street jugglers are performing. Cheyanne, Qwami and Moonchild. A guy named Riff falls in love with Cheyanne and rescues her cat from a biker. He gets knocked on the head and the three take him back to their place.

So we get to see Howard’s world and it is one strange place. Back in the Playduck issue they had articles about the cult that arose from Howard’s disappearance so it was nice to see them incorporate that into this story. It would seem that a cult would arise from such an occurrence happening. This was an enjoyable story and loved seeing the world that is like ours except for intelligent ducks running it. Interesting that the big villain Uncle Scrounge MacDrake looks exactly like Scrooge McDuck. Now Disney was threatening to sue Marvel over Howard for looking like Donald Duck which is why the story with him getting pants was done. This was of course before the two entities merged so it seems a pretty risky move back then.

The Street Peeples backup is slated to be a regular feature for this series. Inspired by the sixties and real life people that the author knew. Frankly I found the whole story to be a load of shit. Just stupid beyond belief.


“The Tomb of Drakula!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Michael Golden & Bob McLeod

The writer for “True Vampire Stories” is sacked from the magazine. Harold H. Harold is so upset he jumps out the window from six stories and breaks both his legs. So later Howard is coming home from the drycleaners at night when he is confronted by Dracula. Dracula decides to feast on poor Howard and regrets it when he finds out that Howard is a duck and not a midget. So Howard comes back home not himself. He attacks Winda trying to drink her blood. He is chased out and later tries to attack two cheerleaders with the same results.

After this incident Bev and her friends are visited by Harold H. Harold in a wheelchair. He explains what happened to Howard and that he is a vampire hunter. So next night they track Howard and Dracula to the Cleveland Zoo. Howard is busy draining the ducks and Bev manages to snap him out of the trance he is in. They then manage to stake Dracula but Dracula promises Harold new story ideas so Harold saves him. Dracula rewards him by turning Harold into a vampire.

“Interview with the Duck” by Lynn Graeme

A fictional interview conducted with Howard at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan. Lynn comments that Howard conveys himself like a real person so that is how he manages to get by in society as a talking duck. Howard’s biggest pet peeves are he saves the universe many times but his opponents are so ridiculous that its hard to be taken seriously.

“A Fond Look At Fowl Friends” by Bill Mantlo

An article about Howard’s friends. A humorous look at the many friends Howard has made on Earth.

“Captain Americana”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard is driving a drunk and his date to a baseball game. The drunk starts pawing his date which causes the cab to crash. A home run ball then crashes through the windshield and a mob of crazed fans tear apart the cab to get the ball. With the cab damaged Howard is out of a job so applies for a babysitting position. The woman is somewhat of a moonbat and leaves him to watch over her three kids. The kids are brats and torment Howard. The father comes home and is also a nutjob. His kids accuse Howard of indecency and this causes the father who calls himself Captain Americana to go after Howard.

So Howard is done with the world of hairless apes and convinces Winda to use her powers to tilt the cosmic axis to send him back to Duckworld. Bev offers to go with him and so the two are transported back to Howard’s world.

Once again this was a mixed bag. I enjoyed the Drakula story. It was a funny goofy story with Dracula who is not happy to taste feathers in his mouth. The writer turned vampire hunter Harold H. Harold is a fun parody of writers. Now the second feature was just once again over the top. The humor was just too heavy handed and not subtle. The big development is that we get to see Howard’s world next issue which promises to be very interesting.


“The Maltese Cockroach”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard is driving his cab when he gets an unusual fare. A talking caterpillar dressed as Sherlock Holmes called Hemlock Shoals. He is from the planet Maltesia and he’s searching for the Cosmic Key. He uses his powers to travel through dimensions to transport the cab to New York City. There at Barqu bookstore which is owned by a kooky guy who throws knives named R.L Hanley the Yakima Yahoo. He bought the key along with a bunch of books in Cleveland.

Just then a giant cockroach with a cloak and top hat grabs the key. This cockroach was exposed to the key and mutated to a giant talking cockroach. He plans to use the key to turn all cockroaches into giants and take over the world. He runs to a hotel with a mob chasing after him. Howard gets ahead of him and with paste traps him and forces him to give up the cosmic key. When the cockroach lunges at him Hanley throws the Shoal’s walking stick with a knife in it impaling and killing the cockroach. Shoals gets the cosmic key and transports Howard back to Cleveland.

“Playduck Interview with Truman Capoultry”

Truman Capoultry is promoting his new book “Ducking Out.” It is about Howard’s disappearance that was witness by everyone at a Presidential rally. The event has given rise to a cult called WACies (Witness of the Ascension Cult). Truman tells of his visions of Howard being transported to a world of hairless apes.

“The Old Drake’s Tale for the Anatidian Chronicles… as translated by Sir James Mallardy”

A story of one Widgeon in the land of Anastis. Widgeon made a fortune from shady means. He is hated by everyone. One day he realizes that he will die and doesn’t want his money to go to people that hate him. So he gets a young wife to bear him a son. But the old Drake never touches her and wonders why she isn’t getting pregnant. So he hires a sorcerer named Mergansen. He convinces Widgeon that its his wife’s fault and concocts a potion that creates a giant egg that will bear him a grown son. In reality the son is his wife’s younger brother. Megansen and the wife get a third of the fortune and the brother becomes the heir.

“Duckmate Ms. Amy Quakton

Centerfold for this month’s Duckmate.

“Birds in Bondage! A Playduck Expose”

Article on young hens being sold to harems in the east.

“The Prisoner of Ducks”
By Norman Mallard

An article on how Ducky Lib has effected the relationship between the sexes.

“The Dreadcliff Cuckoos!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: John Buscema & Klaus Jansons

Howard, Bev and their friends Linda Wister and Paul Same won a vacation from filling out a card at the supermarket. Only none of them remember filling out the card. It is to the mansion of Dreadcliff run by a spooky woman. Only the woman turns out to be Nurse Barbara from a previous adventure. She is in league with the Sinister Soofi who heads the organization Save Our Offspring From Indecency. The Reverent Moon June Yulk. The Mahagreasy Migraine who turns bankrupt hotels into meditation business schools. And Werner Blowhard who looks a lot like Dean Martin.

It is revealed that Adolph Hitler is in charge and wants to use Linda Wister’s powers of accessing the cosmic access. They hope to control peoples minds. Linda uses this power to conjure up images of Devo, Elvis the Beatles and others to drive Hitler insane so he shoots himself. It is revealed that he was actually Hitler’s dentist who had Hitler’s teeth transplanted into his mouth.

“Playduck Reviews”
By Duckbill Mantlo

Reviews the books “Duck’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonneduck. “The Web and the Wok” by Thomas Wolf. “Duckfeather” by Mario Duckzo. “Heart of Duckness” by Joseph Duckrad. And Sgt. Beakles Lonely Tarts Club Band”

“Playduck Advisor”

Letters from readers with advice on a spouse into Tar and Feathers. How to cope with chickenism by marring a chicken. And is “Duck Throat” real.

Well this issue was obviously a parody of “Playboy.” It had all the kooky little articles that the magazine would have only told from the Duckworld point of view. It even had the ads like for increasing muscle with Weezaton. Preventing feather loss with Feathermore. And an ad for the movie “The Dirty Dozen” by Manuel X. Quackhoff. Even the letters page was letters from the denizens of Duckworld.

The main stories were a mixed bag. I enjoyed “The Maltese Cockroach.” It had a lot of humor. With the cockroach getting trapped in a giant roach motel to everyone trying to kill it with Raid. The second one I didn’t care for. It was just too weird to really make sense. And having Hitler in it just sort of killed any humor. It was just an absolute mess.


“A Christmas for Carol!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simmons

Its Christmas and Bev and Howard’s friends are gathering for the holidays. Howard is a bit homesick for this own world. A young eleven year old girl who is the daughter of the mechanic at the cab company Howard works at is also depressed. Christmas is a bad time for her. Carole’s parent separated on Christmas day so this holiday is not her favorite. Just than Santa’s sleigh comes crashing down in front of them. It seems that Santa ran out of gas. The ASPCA does not allow him to use reindeer so they are only for show. Howard, Carole, Santa and an elf Sunquist push the sleigh to the cab company Howard works at an fills her up. Santa offers to take the two to his workshop where he will compensate Howard for the gas. Howard decides this is what Carole needs to get her into the spirit of Christmas.

When they get to the North Pole they find all the toys that are alive and Mrs. Claus hanging around outside. The Pinball Lizard has taken over. With his trolls he plans to make crappy toys that are mass produced and further commercialize Christmas. Howard leads Santa’s toys to retake the shop but the Pinball Lizard escapes to the nuclear plant. Santa put in a nuclear plant because he thought is was the future. Now there is the danger of the Antarctic Syndrome. A meltdown that would go the Antarctica and punch a hole in the Earth. Thus causing it to deflate like a balloon.

When they arrive at the plant it is controlled by Pinball Lizard’s boss Greedy Killerwatt. Greedy Killerwatt was a man who worked at Three Mile Island and exposure to radiation mutated him into an anthropomorphic lightbulb. He has mutated the endangered species of polar bears, seals and penguins who guard the plant. Luckily Howard and the gang with help from Eskimos defeat Greedy Killerwatt. Howard and Carole return with Carole now finding the spirit of Christmas.

“Duck Soup”
By Bill Mantlo

An article on Howard the Duck’s story from the defunct color comic. For someone like me who never read the color comics this was quite informative about his origin and the villains Howard has fought.

Nothing like a good Christmas story in September to put you in the mood for the holidays. Obviously this was a rant against nuclear power which was a big issue at the time. So every tree hugger will be glad to know that Santa will abandon nuclear and gas for solar and renewable energy. This was just such a weird story that I loved it. Hopefully Santa learned his lesson and won’t hire any lizards to supervise his shop.


“Animal Indecency!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Klaus Janson

Howard and Bev come on a protest at a pet store in a popular shopping district. The protesters are protesting animal indecency. That animals are going around naked and not wearing any cloths. The protesters get real worked up when they see that Howard is not wearing any pants. So they chase him and Bev. They are rescued by the owner of a haberdashery Wally Sydney. Wally is a failed cartoonist who after WWI decided that he would start his own clothing line. His stores were successful but the seventies brought a complete change of style. So he hit on the idea of creating a movement to have animals clothed and so this movement was his idea. He threatens to tell the mob where Howard is if he doesn’t buy a pair of pants. So the dejected duck must now wear pants to escape the wrath of the animal decency mob.

“The Crash of ’79!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simmons

Howard and Bev go for their debut in Dino Digitalis new movie being filmed at Union Station. They get there and find a bustling movie set. But when they go come from their dressing rooms in costume for Duck Rogers, they find the place abandoned because it was all a trap. Pro Rata The Cosmic Accountant from back in the color comic. He is looking for the Jeweled Key to the Cosmic Calculator. If he doesn’t get it the auditors will repossess his magic and put him in debtors prison. Unfortunately Howard hocked it. This gets him angry and he animates the breakfast special to go after the two. So Howard and Bev have to fight the Eggs-men. Living eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. All of this in the universe that Pro Rata created. Howard and Bev are flying a toy rocket ride that needs quarters against Pro Rata’s flying cash register. Luckily the two manage to defeat Pro Rata as the auditors come and take him away.

The second issue is as weird as the first. There is a lot of sly humor in this series. Fundamentalists on the march against animal nudity. While very weird is is also visually stunning. The weird world that Pro Rata creates is a treat of look at. I have to say that this series does intrigue me. Plus it is so seventies which brings a little nostalgia from my childhood.


“Fowl of Fear!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Mike Golden & Klaus Janson

Howard and Bev are being driven back to Cleveland from an adventure in Pennsylvania by Bev’s uncle. Now Lee Switzler is someone who is cheap and decided to buy some defective tires. So the car gets a flat and the group is stuck out in the rain in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately for them a house on the hill is nearby. Seeking shelter they find it is owned by Fairer Fowl Farms. Its run by a nutjob named Mr. Chicken a mohawked man wearing a chicken suit and his assistant a dim witted man with a pitchfork named Hank Skidoo. It becomes apparent that the guy is loony when he thinks they are chickens and takes them prisoner. Lee manages to escape while Howard is tossed into a breeding pen and Bev into a automatic plucking machine. The group is saved when Lee returns with the car fixed and bursts in.

“The $64,000 Desperado!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Bob McLeod

So the groups makes it back to Cleveland. Uncle Lee has just bought a cab company called To Hack and Back. He offers Howard a job driving. Initially he wants nothing to do with a job but Bev forces him to take it. So he goes to the taxi commission for a license. There with the other applicants he is forced to strip and undergo a physical. Nobody notices he’s a duck and gets his license. On his first ride in the cab with Bev they come on the Cleveland marathon. A runner collapses on the cab. It is Cleft Chin the famous runner. He has been drugged by Jackpot the One-Armed Bandit. Jackpot has bet on the second best man in the marathon. So Bev convinces Howard to drive Cleft to the finish line since its OK to cheat if someone was cheating by drugging Cleft.

Jackpot has the ability to raise his one arm and out of his mouth comes tokens that bury his opponent. Howard uses Quack Fu and gets behind him and raises and lowers his arm several times. This causes Jackpot to get sick and they manage to drag Cleft Chin over the finish line in first place.

“From Hell It Cometh…Chair-Thing!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

So while driving a cab he is rear ended by a giant cash register that forces him into the cab ahead. The cabbie is angry and starts to tear apart Howard’s cab with the help of a crazy old woman known as the Kidney Lady who is in the crowd. Apparently a past adventure involved said Kidney Lady. A policeman arrives and is about to arrest Howard when his passanger comes from the store and convinces him that Howard’s innocent.

The man turns out to be Dino Digitalis a big time Hollywood Producer who is in town. He wants to hire Howard and gets him to also cast Bev in his new production. So Howard and Bev go to a house that Bev found a room to rent. It turns out the landlady is the Kidney Lady with the disgruntled cabbie as a henchman. She is a witch who gets her power from eating kidneys.(Its never explained what type of kidneys.) When Howard came to Earth through the dimensional portal she got the paranoid delusion that Howard was sent to deprive her of kidneys. So she created a living chair that she then proceeds to feed Howard to. Howard and Bev fight back and Howard manages to set the chair on fire. This forces the Kidney Lady to save per precious chair and retreat vowing her revenge.

So I have to say that Howard the Duck has to be the weirdest comic to ever be created. I don’t think my summaries can do justice explaining just how weird this series is. I mean Howard and Bev seem to actually have sex which is just really weird. Still its an interesting idea. I mean this duck who talks and smokes a cigar goes around and nobody seems fazed that he’s a talking duck. I love the goofy tests they do for a cab license. It would explain the quality of your typical cab driver. There is a lot of sly satire in this series and I get more of it as an adult then a kid.