A.R.M. #3

“Heart Attack”

Writer: Bill Spangler adapted from “Death by Ecstasy” by Larry Niven

Artists: Terry Tidwell and Steve Stiles

Gil Hamilton manages to find the proof that his friend was murdered by organleggers. He finds everything in a locker in Death Valley. Only problem is that the guy who sold his friend the ecstasy plug killed himself before he could be arrested. Now he has no leads to the leader Loren. Loren though manages to kidnap Gil. Tied up like a mummy, Gil finds that Loren kept him alive to find out where the incriminating evidence is. He also has a fascination with psychic powers and Gil has this phantom arm from an accident. Gil tries to burn out his eyes using a cigarette he was using to demonstrate his powers. Loren tries to stop him and gets too close. Gil uses his third arm to squeeze Loren’s heart and save himself.

The third issue ties up the story quite nicely. I do remember reading the book way back when. It was a really good futuristic criminal mystery. The writer did a fantastic job of adapting it. A fascinating if now very heavily seventies version of the future. I will have to read more Niven in the future. He was one of my favorite writers. I also love these old Adventure titles. This company really put out a lot of cool stuff.

A.R.M. #2

“The Organleggers”

Writer: Bill Spangler adapted from “Death by Ecstasy” by Larry Niven

Artists: Steve Stiles & Terry Tidwell

Gil Hamilton is discussing the case of his deceased friend. Gil is convinced that he was murdered by organleggers. Yet he has no proof. His best lead is a Dr. Graham who sells ecstasy plugs. Graham gets tipped off and makes a run for it. He is captured at the airport and commits suicide rather than be captured. Hamiliton gets a message that his friend had a locker at Death Valley and goes to see if there is more concrete proof.

The second issue was an enjoyable one. A bit talky but does give us a feel for this future world. A world where the demand for organs is so great that minor crimes like false advertising or fraud can get you the death penalty. I do love these old Adventure comic series. They really did a good job of adapting various classics.

A.R.M. #1

“Death by Ecstasy!”

Writer: Bill Spangler adopted from novella by Larry Niven

Artists: terry Tidwell and Steve Stiles

Police find a man who died in his apartment because of current addiction. In the year 2123 a wirehead is someone who has a plug implanted in his brain. This can stimulate the pleasure center. In this case the man starved to death because he was too happy to get up and get some food. The man named Owen Jennison was a belter from the asteroid belt and left the name of Gil Hamilton as his closest relative. Gil is a member of A.R.M. (Amalgamated Regional Militia) the police force of the UN. Gil’s job is to hunt down organleggers, criminals that steal organs for the black market.

Gil is suspicious of this death. A belter would never become a wirehead and he thinks that he was murdered. He has this suspicion because the man who sold him the wire is linked to the biggest organlegger on the west coast.

The first of an adaptation of a classic Larry Niven story from the seventies. Part of his known space universe, it tells of the new crimes of a future where transplant organs are a big business. Gil was a miner in the belt and lost his arm in an accident. He developed a psionic ability to use a third arm. Like many titles from Malibu’s various imprints, it has cheap black and white artwork but excellent writing. Makes me want to reread the old Niven books.