“Attack of the Fembots”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

Wonder Woman is wounded by Dr. Cyborg and both her and Jaime are in trouble. But its Wonder Girl and Max the Bionic Dog to the rescue. Max tears off Dr. Cyborg’s arm and Wonder Girl does a good job of smashing up the Fembots. Jaime flies the invisible plane to Transformation Island which is where the hospital is for Paradise Island. Wonder Girl and Max manage to rescue Ruby Wells and Joe Atkinson.

Jaime after dropping off Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island. She finds that the Amazons are in a desperate battle with CASTRA’s army of mercenaries and Fembots. Jaime has a plan that involves using the generator that shields Paradise Island to cause a massive electro-magnetic pulse and disable the Fembots. But it would also expose Paradise Island to the world.

The action is really heating up with this issue. An army of mercenaries and Fembots battling the Amazons. Wonder Woman mortally wounded. She gets healed at the end and is coming to join the battle. Even Max the Bionic Dog gets in the action. Jaime gets a cool change into Amazon armor and ends with a fateful decision to be made. Everything about this series just makes me want to smile. I feel like a kid back in the seventies.

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