“The Past Becomes Present”
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora

A nuclear cruise missile has been launched from the freighter and its up to Wonder Woman and Jaime to stop it. Luckily they have the invisible jet and fly after it. Wonder Woman uses her golden lasso to snag it and destroy it. Then they go back to the freight but the crew has no knowledge to help them. One does turn out to be a Fembot or Manbot.

Meanwhile the cabal known as CASTRA gather together in the South American country of Lauay on Saint Molchan Island. The group consists of experts in bionic and robotics. Villains that both Wonder Woman and Jaime Sommers defeated. They have a plan to create transhuman soldiers to conquer the world. All they need is for Captain Radl to lead them to Paradise Island and the Feminium metal.

Jaime and Diana meet Rudy Wells and Max the bionic German shepherd. They take Max with them on their way to investigate in South American. After they leave the OSI building is assaulted by Fembots and Rudy is kidnapped.

The third issue is one that gives us the rundown on the evil CASTRA cabal. All the villains are introduced and there are convenient footnotes on the episodes they were originally in. A nice mix from both shows. I love how Mangels manages to capture both main characters personalities. They feel just like Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner. Plus Max the bionic dog and plenty of Fembots.

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