“Part 4: The $68,004 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

Steve has been knocked to the bottom of the ocean. His legs aren’t working well and it looks grim. On the boat Niko attacks her cousin and kills him. Then she lifts the anchor which passes by Steve and he grabs on to it. He manages to climb aboard and with Niko head off to the mainland. At the airport Steve calls ANSA and gets a recording. While at the airport they notice the Soviet jetliner and run over there and attack the Russians.

They find out the Soviets have abandoned Amari and are actually going to Hawaii to stop his assassination attempt. They invite Steve and Niko alone which they agree to. They catch up to Amari’s plane but Amari cleverly calls for help that a Soviet plane is threatening him. So the Soviets decide to leave and offer to allow the two to parachute out. Niko gets a chute but Steve jumps out without one and tries to land on Amari’s plane. He misses and crashes into the jungle.

So Steve gets saved and Niko has to kill her cousin. This is a poignant scene in what is for the most part a parody. So then they hook up with the Soviets and have some humorous banter. I still don’t get why the Russians are now anxious to help after being willing to provide a nuclear warhead to bomb Hawaii. We find out also that Amari’s main goal of nuking Hawaii is to get the Vice-President. For during the war as a general he was instrumental in choosing Hiroshima. A fun quick moving story.

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