“Part 2: The $4,178,512 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

Steve Austin has just had his leg cut off. Now him and Niko have to escape by going through the missile silo. The guards manage to puncture a fuel tank with their gunshots. Soon the missile will explodes. Niko leads the two to an underground mine that leads out. Steve sets off the fuel and incinerates the guards as the explosion blows up the missile. The two than make it to an abandoned monastery and Steve manages to repair his leg. But the battery is low so he climbs up on the roof to power it up with a lightning strike. Only the Soviet helicopter finds him on the roof.

So we learn that the Japanese industrialist was planning to nuke Hawaii in revenge for Hiroshima. Steve and Niko do manage to inadvertently blow up the missile and thus foiling the plan. Niko is upset that the mission has gone south. An interesting idea to have Steve’s bionics failing him and thus turning his bionic powers into a liability and asset at the same time. An enjoyable series so far.

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