“Part 3: The $1,475,964 Man”
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn

The Soviet helicopter fires a missile at Steve Austin. He does manage to evade it and just than a lightning strike hits him. It powers him up but caused some damage to his bionics. His legs just propel him into the chopper and he damages it. This panics the pilots who decide to leave. It fact they decide to abandon Mr. Amari’s plan so the evil industrialist has to come up with another to get revenge against the U.S. Steve and Niko go to the village to look for a phone and Niko takes them to her family’s home. Steve inadvertently tears open the wall with his malfunctioning bionics. Niko’s cousins agree to get them off the island on the family fishing boat. Only the cousins are in the employ of Mr. Amari and Steve’s bionics fail by having his bionic arm punch himself in the face. He falls overboard and sinks.

So this issue we get quite clearly that Steve’s bionics are going on the fritz. Still he manages to drive away the Soviet gunship. We also find out Niko comes from the island and has a personal grudge against Mr. Amari. Her cousins are in his employ and ends on a cliffhanger. An amusing story but the character just doesn’t feel like the TV show.

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