“To Sit the Topaz Throne!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Ricardo Villamonte

Kull now confronts Thulsa Doom in the throne room of Torranna. Doom then transports Kull to his homeland in far off Grondar. There the evil Doom tells Kull of this plans. Seems he wanted the Atlantean to suffer and not just be in exile. So he hears of the cursed city of Torranna and hatches a plan. He will manipulate Kull to accepting the crown. Only a scar faced stranger who risked his life to save another can sit the throne. Once he does then the curse is lifted and the inhabitants can leave. Only catch is the one who is king is now trapped in the cursed city for all eternity. Kull fight him and manages to cut a scar with his ax on Doom’s face. Well this enrages him so he brings back Kull to the throne room of Torranna. Only now Kull uses the opportunity to take the crown and place it on Doom’s head. Doom is a scarred stranger who now sacrificed his life to save Kull. The curse is broken but because Doom is already dead the inhabitants turned to mummified corpses and the city collapses. Kull and Ridondo manage to escape with the crown of Valusia. Kull makes it back to the City of Wonders and reclaims his throne.

Well this is the final issue in this series. They manage to go out with a bang. Kull defeats Doom in a very clever way. He also gets to go back and reclaim his throne so all the loose threads are tied together. Which is a good thing when you end a series. Kull had some ups and downs but this was generally a solid series. Not as good as Conan and it struggled to break out from his shadow. Still Kull’s adventures would continue in the Savage Sword issues and he would years later get another crack at his own series.

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