“Screams in the Dark”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull is in the grasp of the demon-shade. It looks like all is lost but Kull is a determined barbarian. He manages to break free of the demon-shade’s grasp and destroy the outcropping that is causing the shadow. The flower he fought for that he thinks can save Loralei has died with the demon. So he goes back to the hunchback’s cottage to avenge her death. Instead he finds Loralei alive and the hunchback with a sword in his chest. The hunchback miscalculated his formula and paid the price. Later finding a map to the city they take off to rescue Ridondo.

They make it to the city and scale the walls. Then at the palace they find a magician who is entertaining people. Kull forces the man to tell him about the whereabouts of Ridondo. A scream is heard for Ridondo is captive in the dungeon and the mysterious wizards have summoned their master. Kull races down and after dispatching the dumb guard bursts in to find a giant snake.

Another fun story. This one sees that Kull is capable of using his wits as well as his brawn to get out of trouble. He clearly has feeling for Lorelai and she reciprocates. I think she is a perfect match for Kull. She proves herself in the way she handled the creepy hunchback. So Kull finally confronts the master to these strange wizards and it is a giant snake. Can never go wrong with a giant snake in the story.

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