“The Kaash’ban”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Morgan and Rostov are on the way to visit Morgan’s daughter Jennifer in the hopes for a cure to Rostov’s Lycanthropy. They are passing the kingdom of Kaambuka which is ruled by his friend Ashir. The two get a warm welcome. Morgan is reunited with Shakira who is getting bored with the easy palace life. While there the city is host to the Kaash’ban a secretive religious sect that can talk to animals. The sect senses that Rostov has some wolf in him and convince him to accompany them to some ruins outside the city. Morgan and Shakira follow but are too late as a portal transports Rostov to Wizard World.

“Fate is the Killer”
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artists: Curt Swan & Dave Hunt

Zodac comes to Eternia because he foresees the death of He-Man. Price Adam who is secretly He-Man gets a cryptic warning from the Sorceress. Meanwhile Skeletor with his henchmen Mer-man and Beast-Man go to Earth and retrieve the other half of the power sword. Superman notices this and follows them back. He manages to throw half of the sword away before falling to Skeletor’s magic. He-Man gets the other half and confronts Skeletor. The two throw their halfs and impale each other. Skeletor disappears and He-Man comes back to life.

Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

It is thousands of years in the future. The sun has grown to a giant red sun and the Earth is a barren wasteland. A human ship comes to reactivate the military bases left over two thousand years ago. The war with the Qlov an alien race the humans have been fighting for centuries is coming back to this area. Before the ship can do anything they are attacked by a Qlov battleglobe. The ship self-destructs to prevent the Qlov from learning their mission and takes the battleglobe with it. A shuttle manages to escape and crash land on the Barren Earth.

So Morgan is back to good old adventuring and he picks up Shakira for company. This story is basically introducing the new storyline which will have Morgan going back to Wizard World. Grell has finally decided to tie up some loose ends with getting Morgan to defeat the Evil One that we have had glimpses of in past issues.

There are also two other stories in this book. The first is a free preview of an upcoming mini-series for The Masters of the Universe. Once again this preview worked because I did check out this mini-series. Will be reviewed sometime in the future.

The other is the new backup The Barren Earth. A real science fiction story with a cool idea. Already it effectively introduces the basic concept without giving away in what direction the story will go. It leaves the reader wanting more about the fascinating history of the Qlov and the futuristic Barren Earth. I will say that this is my favorite of the Warlord Backup series.

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