Writers: David Walker and Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Dagnino

Tarzan, Caesar, Innes, Milo and the other apes and cavemen have been waging a successful war against the Mahars. Now they have one last city with a portal to destroy. So they manage to fight their way to the portal at great cost. Most of the group including Innes doesn’t survive. Caesar is driven through the portal by the Mahars. When Tarzan and Milo arrive they manage to set off dynamite before they also escape through the last portal.

The portal leads to a far future that Caesar’s parents came from. Caesar meets his parents and finds out that Taylor has been dissected already. Tarzan comes out and fights the gorilla soldiers that are killing the humans. Milo comes out and wants to stop the bomb exploding. Finally Dr. Zaius has dreams of the event that destroys the world and goes to Taylor’s ship.

So they manage to destroy the Mahar’s plan to enslave the multi-dimensions. Now Tarzan, Caesar and Milo are back in the future that is ruled by apes. A minor difference is that Taylor is dead. Still it should be fascinating to see how they manage to alter this timeline. I wasn’t expecting such a vast journey from 1907 Earth to Pellucidar and finally the far future of the apes movies. This is a really excellent story going on.

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