“The Biggest Game”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Alfredo Alcala

Banner is traveling to Africa to meet a big game hunter that has developed a tranquilizer that may be able to stop the transformation to the Hulk. The man Jason Strack is supposed to be a gamekeeper at a wildlife reserve. Instead he illegally guides hunts for rich clients wanting to hunt endangered species. He is recently branching out to smuggling arms to rebels. He decides that hunting the Hulk is a great challenge and induces the transformation instead of stopping it. Of course he finds out that he bit off more than he can chew.

“Nights Born Ten Years Gone Part I”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Bill Sienkiewicz & Klaus Janson

A serial killer is terrorizing New York. Known as the Hatchet-Man he slays nurses at night by strangling them with pajama tops then chopping them up. Clues point to a mercenary that Marc Spector worked with that tried to betray him 10 years ago. His girlfriend Marlene volunteers to dress as a nurse to lure him out so Moon Knight can take care of him. Unfortunately it goes wrong and Marlene is seriously injured. We find out at the end that the killer is Moon Knights brother.

The Hulk story was a good solid story. I loved the African setting. The villain was a very loathsome man. He not only was killing endangered species but actually killed his own brother a mentally retarded man that dared defy him. Strack found out that it would take more than a rifle to kill the Hulk. He had access to rockets and grenades but they also proved ineffective so in a sense that’s the stories major flaw. There was no doubt that the Hulk was in any danger which sort of killed any suspense to the story.

The Moon Knight story once again outshined the main story. This was a very well done story with a real cliffhanger and a stocking revelation at the end. Moon Knight is a comic character that has lots of potential.

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