“Citadel of Death”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Tara are crossing a desert when they come upon a city. The city is abandoned and turns out to be the citadel of the sorcerer kings named Timgrad. While Tara wants to leave the cursed city Morgan knows that they need water badly so help themselves at the local fountain. It is here they are attacked by hairy baboon type demons and forced to retreat into the palace. Morgan falls through the floor into the dungeon. Here he finds a small casket with a glowing green gem and a skeleton in a pentagram drawn on the floor. The pentagram keeps out a blob of a monster. Morgan uses the gem to destroy it and rescue Tara from the demons.

Meanwhile in a separate storyline told on panels at the bottom we get the story of Ogir Falconeye. A minor sorcerer who came to Timgrad with grand plans. He breaks into the sorcerer kings palace and steals a casket. While leaving he falls through a trap into the dungeon and confronts the blob creature. He draws a pentagram on the floor to hold the creature back and then dies of starvation rather than confront the creature.

This was an enjoyable entry in the quest storyline. A minor little adventure in a mysterious deserted city in the desert is always going to be fun. I liked the idea of telling a separate story in panels at the bottom of each page. The story complements the main story and we get the real backstory unfold along with the main story. Grell does this again I believe in two more issues and it is a very effective way to tell the story. The Hellfire Gem that Morgan finds will play a crucial part in Morgan’s future both with Deimos and beyond.

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