Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema & Rich Buckler

Ka-zar is trapped in a pit with the Man-Thing. While he puts up a good fight the advantage is clearly with the Man-Thing. The AIM agents manage to take down Man-Thing with their lasers and almost capture Ka-zar. Just in the nick of time Zabu comes to the rescue and drives off the AIM agents. After locking up Man-Thing Ka-zar uses Zabu to scare out the location of AIM HQ from a captured agent. Ka-zar, Zabu and Barbara go off to rescue Dr. Carver. The Man-Thing overhears and easily escapes to follow them.

They manage to penetrate the underground HQ and kick some AIM butt. Barbara is captured by her fiancé who turns out to be an AIM agent. The Man-Thing arrives in time to take him out and gives the group time to escape before he sets off the self-destruct and blows the base. Barbara knew that her fiancé was an AIM agent and at the orders of Shield got close to him so she isn’t very upset to lose him. Ka-zar finding out the beautiful scientist is single decides to accompany her to New York.

So concludes the Man-Thing storyline. An announcement stated that Man-Thing was so popular he was going to get his own series so he apparently didn’t perish in the explosion. Man-thing is an interesting character. His adventures in the Everglades have been consistently good thanks to the excellent scripts from Roy Thomas. It looks like Ka-zar might have a love interest as this story ends with them heading off the New York. I’m sure there will be plenty of excitement ahead.

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