Writer: George R.R. Martin

Artist: Stefano Martino

A young woman appears on a busy L.A. freeway at night and blows up a truck. Later she is brought to the emergency room. After biting off an officer’s nose, the doctor a Thomas Mason calms her down. The woman is named Cat and wants to leave. Next day Cat is taken by government agents and so is Dr. Mason. At a secret facility he finds out that Cat has a very advanced weapon and other tech. The government is very interested in this and allows Mason to talk to Cat. He has the wrist device with him, and Cat puts it on. It works for her, and she finds out that something is after her. We cut to some weird cybernetic beings that materialize and are clearly after Cat. Cat manages to break out of her cell and with Mason they take off in his car.

“What If?”

By George R.R. Martin

An article on how George got a meeting to pitch some ideas and the execs loved his series idea of parallel worlds travel. Based on a short story he did in the nineties. It was accepted to be a pilot and the pilot was a success. Only it was delivered in August instead of May so didn’t get picked up right away. He did get a six-script order, but the regime changed, and the idea was scrapped.

I love alternate history and during the nineties, Sliders was my favorite TV show. There is speculation that it was based on this failed TV pilot from 1991. IDW decided to final bring us this idea in comic form. The pilot was released on VHS tape, and I hear can be found on You tube. I would love to see it. The idea so far has great promise. In fact, if probably would have been better written then Sliders. The comic has no visual basis in the pilot which probably helps as they aren’t bound to any budget that the real-world TV show would have been.

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