“Conan’s Last Stand at the Edge of the World Part Two: A Barbarian Father’s Lament”

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Mahmud Asrar

Conan and Thoth Amon are shipwrecked on an unknown island in the Western Sea. At night the dead bodies of the shipwrecked come alive as zombies. Conan pushes Thoth Amon into them as he climbs to safety on a hill. Here Conan thinks back to the past. As king he has just defeated Zingara and wants to continue the war. His son Conn talks him out of it, but Conan is restless. He wants to find someone to fight. Anyone even a bar fight. He is old and doesn’t like the peace. He starts to think that his son has been raised too soft. So, Conan exiles him to go and find adventures in other lands to toughen him up.

Back on the island, Conan rescues Thoth thinking that he might be some help in escaping. Only Thoth pushes Conan into the zombies and takes off. On a hill a young woman observes and instructs her apes to bring Conan to her if he survives until dawn.

Another excellent Conan story. This one we get some background in Conan’s life as a king. He clearly is a man that doesn’t like peace and quiet. He has always thrived on action and fighting. At his old age he starts to see that his best days are behind him. Also, his son has been raised too civilized, so he sends him out to toughen him up. The writer really gets the essence of Conan. I look forward to seeing where this goes and discovering the mystery of this spooky island.

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