“Code of the Wolf”

Writers: Charles Dixon and Gary Kwapisz

Artists: Gary Kwapisz and Pat Redding

A settler family on the border of Aquilonia has a visitor. Conan comes as a hired scout to tell them the wildmen are massing an army. He takes them and other settlers to the fort. They prepare for the inevitable assault and hope to hold out until the Legion arrives. The commander is killed by some deserters, so Conan takes charge. The wildmen attack and are beaten off. They bring up a ram and Conan releases the dogs on it and sets it on fire. Another attempt manages to pull down a section of the wall, but Conan rallies a successful defense. The wildman chief knows that there is little time so proposes a duel with Conan. If Conan wins the tribe will abandon their seige. If the chief wins, then the women and children will be allowed to leave and only the men put to the sword. Conan agrees and wins the fight. He gives the chief a ceremonial funeral pyre.

“Armando Gil Portfolio”

A portfolio of pinups of Conan by the artist.

This was an enjoyable story. It had the feel of a Pict story which happen to be my favorite. The wildmen are something a bit different. They use swords and can build siege weapons which are beyond the Picts. Has some beautiful art with epic battle scenes. The story has Conan be a cool badass barbarian who has more in common with the wildmen then the civilized people he fights for. Filled with barbaric honor and the treachery of civilized men as the Legion plans to slaughter ever man, woman and child as punishment for this rebellion.

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