“Rude Awakening: Part 2”

Writers: Flint Dille & Buzz Dixon

Artists: Frank Cirocco, Chuck Austen & Mick Gray

Wilma Deering manages to get Buck Rogers to her ship as the forces of RAM and Black Barney fight it out. She goes to an asteroid base called Star Haven. When she arrives, Black Barney is waiting for her and takes the unconscious body of Buck. He goes to the Pleasure Planetoid run by Ardala. He makes a deal to share the reward from RAM for Buck. Ardala then takes Buck to Mars. He finds himself the prisoner of the leader of RAM Sigmund Holzenhein.dos who is a computerized personality.

Buck is given a device to teach him about the current century is now in. It forms a computerized version of his old scientist colleague back in the twentieth century, Doctor Huer. Buck decides to escape and uses a bed sheet to glide down to the ground. Only Black Barney is waiting for him and knocks him unconscious.

“Battle for the Sprawls”

By Mike Pondsmith & Paul Lidberg

Artist: Albert Deschesne

A board game for two with one side the NEO and the other RAM. Takes place in the underground sprawl of Chicagorg on Earth. NEO must escape and RAM has to destroy them.

“His Search for the Meaning of Life and Happiness Chapter One”

Writer: Buzz Dixon

Artists: Kevin Altieri and Rick Magyar

On the Martian moon Phobos is the ultra-secure RAM prison. Black Barney and his pirate crew attack to break out the prisoners. They succeed and Barney finds a beautiful girl he decides to have join his crew. A small one-man fighter arrives, and a man jumps out to warn Barney that he will suffer the same fate. This man dissolves and claims he is also a Barney.

The second issue was a fun read. We get introduced to the major characters in one form or another. Buck Rogers decides he doesn’t care for RAM and takes off. Includes a board game with pieces to cut out and you can convert the inside cover to the board. Wouldn’t want to cut up the comic but this game does sound fun.

There is also a backup story featuring the pirate Black Barney. An exciting prison break that shows how volatile Barney is. Ends with this mysterious guy coming to warn Barney. An all-around fun issue.

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