“The Creature from Time’s Dawn!”

Conan and Fafnir are in a Nemedian city and gambling on a game. It involves a rat choosing a hole on a round table. Conan exposes this when he reveals that the man has pork rind concealed in his ring. A brief fight and Conan gets his bet back. This draws the attention of a beautiful woman who offers to hire the two. At her place they find out she wants the yoke of an egg from a creature that only lays an egg every millennium.

The first thing they have to do is get the powder from the yellow lotus. This is grown by Shemite drug dealers. Fafnir volunteers to take out the guard but screws up. A big fight ensues with Conan turning the tide by freeing the slaves. They go back to the city and the woman and Conan go into her palace to celebrate. Conan has to take care of the gambler he exposed and his hired thugs. After this Conan finds out the real secret. The woman has lived for thousands of years and must bath in the yoke of the egg to remain immortal.

The next day they are off to the creature’s nest. They find the nest and this flying bat-creature attacks. Fafnir goes for the yellow lotus but finds out the woman he spent the night with stole it. So, he tries to get the creature’s attention to draw it away from Conan. He succeeds and gets knocked into the egg. Then the creature knocks him over the cliff. The woman breaks her neck but is still alive. She needs the yoke and jumps off the cliff after Fafnir who has it all over him. Conan kills the creature and goes down to find his friend and the woman.

This was a fun issue. It went all over the place with plenty of exciting action. An interesting idea to have this woman be immortal because of an egg. Fafnir has a real chip on his shoulder after Conan saved him from the giant last issue. He insists on doing everything and screws up. Now he has bathed in the yoke, and I assume is now immortal for a thousand years. A good continuing storyline which this title was about due for.

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