“Magical but not Magic”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Sonja is in the Hyborian age with a gang of bandits. They all love Sonja but there is one voice that mocks her. An old woman who was accused of being a witch. Later at night she turns into a fox and manages to run away. Only one of the bandits hits her with an arrow. Sonja tracks her to a mysterious cottage. Inside is all sorts of stuff from the future like signs and appliances. She finds the old woman dying and comforts her. The old woman gives Sonja a magical gem and tells her it will help her in the future.

This issue is an origin of how Sonja was transported to 1969. A much needed entry but unfortunately it was very dull. I mean nothing happened in this story. Sonja’s gang are just a little too obsequious for a bunch of hardened barbarians. Also why is Sonja with this bunch of rejects from Deliverance. She is usually a loner. So anyway all that happens is this old hag gets shot with an arrow. Sonja finds her and apologizes profusely for what happened. Then I guess she gets transported to the future which is something that will help Sonja. Hopefully the story gets better.

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