“Angry Red Planet Part 1”

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Fran Strukan

During the Hyborian age the Martians had an advanced and peaceful civilization. Only the advisor to the emperor named Xi’Zeer believed only conquest and war would advance their society. So he proposes a peaceful expedition to Earth. The emperor was glad to get rid of his advisor and agrees. Later Red Sonja is riding along when she comes on a group of refugees. They are from the city of Bryssenden and state that ogres with foul magic have conquered it. Sonja finds the remnants of the King’s Guard trying to fix their wagon when it is attacked. A Martian is riding a giant ant. He has a laser crossbow and lightsaber. After the ant tears up Sonja’s horse she gets real mad. Sonja manages to chop off the ant’s head then drive her sword through the Martian’s head. The surviving guard convinces Sonja to help him deliver the last survivor of the royal family a young girl to safety. Xi’Zeer who has now set himself up as ruler of Bryssenden hears of the defeat of his warrior by a single woman and orders her to be hunted down and killed.

It seems that Dynamite nowadays has basically become Red Sonja or Vampirella titles. The titles now revolve around combining one or both with many other series. This one now gets to Mars Attacks. So was it good? Yeah this was an enjoyable issue. Sonja is her usual badass self and the Martians are their evil selves. The writer gives them energy swords and crossbows to give them a more medieval feel but otherwise they have their giant insects and advanced technology. Another goofy crossover between two properties I never would have thought to see.

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