Writers: Marguerita Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artists: Moritat and Dimi Macheras

Sheena and Chano are attacked by the Death Blossoms. Sheena manages to snap out of it and rescue Chano. They run further into the temple where the moonlight can’t nourish them. So they continue to look for the surveyor. They get separated by a trap with Sheena dodging acid arrows from an old machine. Chano has to run away from acid bugs. Sheena manages to find Chano with the help of his girly screams. They eventually find the surveyor who is a dried out husk of a corpse. They find that some creatures have been stalking them.

This issue is picking up the action. We get a spooky temple with all sorts of traps. A mysterious pool of blood and a dead surveyor. Ends with them being attacked by very strange humanoid type creatures. Sheena seems to be the only competent one around and Chano is pretty useless. Although he did at least have a flashlight.


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