“Chapter 7”
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Edu Menna

The two Galactica’s viper squadrons are attacking each other. On board the Pegasus Cain notices that they aren’t hitting each other. We flash back to just after the argument between the Adamas. Apollo points out that it is Kali who wants the two to fight so that probably the Cylons can pick off the survivors. So the two Adamas come to the agreement to use Omega Protocol which both have. It is training to shoot as close as possible without hitting the target. So the viper squadrons are given the order and pretend to fight in order to lure the Cylons into the open.

Kali sees this and orders Cain to fire on both Galacticas which he does. Sheba comes in to stop her father and Kali kills her. This breaks Kali’s control and Cain breaks Kali’s neck. Then he has the Pegasus crew abandon ship. He takes the Pegasus and rams it into the Cylon basestar. Iblis manages to open a wormhole that sucks the other Galactica and its fleet back to their universe. In the end the new Galactica crew wonders what happened to the other ship. Baltar drinks to Count Iblis who he see alive and floating in space.

And so the conclusion to this crossover. I thought it was a bit irrational for the two Galacticas to fight one another and think their plan was solid. Here in this alternate universe Sheba is killed and the Pegasus destroys itself along with the Cylon basestar. It any complaint it was the issue seemed rushed to end. I suppose that is better than dragging out forever. Not a bad series. It also left open the possibility of a return.

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