“The Dweller in the Dark”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Barry Smith

Reprinted in Savage Tales #4.

“Tales of the Hyborian Age! The Blood of the Dragon!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Gil Kane

Roy and Gil are discussing that other adventures must have taken place in the Hyborian age. So Gil tells about one Kalligor. Kalligor is a knight in the Aquilonian province of Poitain. He is a social climber and all around dickweed. One day word comes of the Hydragon terrorizing the border. The baron’s son volunteers to kill it for it is in legends that only a single warrior can kill it. The son is not heard from and presumed dead. So Kalligor volunteers to kill it. The grateful baron promises him his daughters hand in marriage and half his lands. So Kalligor goes and fight the Hydragon a sort of cross between a medusa and dragon. Kalligon uses a sword with poison and tosses it in the creatures mouth. It dies and changes to the baron’s son. Kalligor is in a dilemma. He killed the baron’s son but the blood of the Hydragon changes him into a Hydragon.

Well the first story my opinion hasn’t changed. I still love it. The second story seems to have been a proposed backup series about other tales in the Hyborian era. Not a bad idea. Unfortunately in spite of Roy writing this I found it not his best work. A bit hokey and sort of more like the old fifties reprints they sometimes used than the excellent stories he was writing.

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