“Arba & Dakarba”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Groo and Rufferto are traveling through a desolate land that is devoid of people. They come upon giant apparitions of Arba & Dakarba. The two evil witches have cast a spell to drive off people from their domain. Only Groo is too stupid to be scared of these giant illusions. So he continues on to a village. The village has been terrorized by the two witches and are desperate. So desperate they actually hire Groo to help them.

Now the two witches have to come up with something to defeat Groo. After careful consideration they feel only Groo could defeat Groo. So they create a giant Groo and order him to go destroy Groo. The giant is as dumb as Groo and spends its time eating the villagers food. So they then create a hundred normal size Groos. Groo gets into a fray with all these Groos and ends up destroying the village. The two witches use their last amount of power to banish the duplicate Groos. The giant Groos comes and demands food. Their power exhausted the duo are forced to flee the wrath of giant Groo. The villagers can now rebuild free of the evil witches tyranny. The young girl Kayli comes and asks Groo for help in finding her father which Groo gladly decides to help.

Arba & Dakarba are a mother daughter witch team. They are evil and have been known to try and use Groo in their evil schemes. Naturally Groo always causes them trouble and they usually lose their power. If you put their names together and spell it backwards you get Abra Kadabra. So this was a fun outing. Groo gets to have a fray with himself many times over. The evil witches get what’s coming to them and by some miracle the village actually comes out ahead.

Oh and we finally get the main quest that will be in this series. Groo has embraced the search for Kayli’s father.

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