“In the Beginning”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Brent Anderson & Carlos Garion

Ka-zar and Shanna go back to the cryogenic chamber were Dherk died. Ka-zar wants to explore it better. When they get there Dherk’s body is gone. They track it to another room where it is hooked up to some wire. Just then a flying robot attacks. It drives them into a room that is a video library. Here they can see the history of Pangea and the Atlantean empire. A pipe breaks and floods the room almost drowning them.

Fortunately the water pressure bursts open the door and they are free. Once again they face the robot when Dherk comes to the rescue. He destroys the robot who he calls Mother. Mother was a caretaker for Pangea and was having a breakdown. Later its found out that Dherk is actually a robot that Mother build and transferred its consciousness into. Now Dherk has to fix the refractors to keep Pangea livable.

Now this is where the series is really picking up. They discover the origins of Pangea. It was an Atlantean Disneyland. The Savage Land was a natural phenomena which they used as a stock area and game refuge. The only thing I found a bit unbelievable was the Atlantean tapes having all the writing in English. You would think it be a completely different language. Now Pangea is in danger and we will get to see what new adventures this brings our savage companions.

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