“Born Under a Bad Sign”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout has decided to go through a purification ritual. He has fasted for four days. He finally gets a visit from a witch who shows him the history of the Apache. How they prospered in the mountains. Even after the Spanish came they still had great success in raiding the settlements. One day an American named James Johnson from Kentucky came. He had traded with the Apache and became friends with them. He brought a large pile of gifts to the tribe. Under the gifts was a howitzer that blasted the tribe. The Mexican government was offering 100 peso per Apache scalp and Johnson made a lot of money that day. He also started the war with the Americans since all wars are tribal to the Apache.

Eventually the fighting wore them down and they agreed to live on the reservations. The Apache prospered as farmers and the Army was about to leave. The local merchants didn’t like that so with some Papago who were the Apache’s sworn enemies they massacred a camp. This started up the war that would eventually end in defeat. The Apache were moved to Florida and died from the climate. Geronimo was paraded all over the country. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the Apache were allowed to move back to their native lands.

Now this was a very interesting issue. Truman decided to use this issue to tell the story of the Apache and it is one interesting story. I learned a lot from this and can see why the Apache are held in such high regard. A nice little break from the dystopian future. Scout gets new purpose in what he has to do to find a safe place for his sons.

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