“A New Dawn…A New World!”
Writer & Artist: Unknown.

Ka-zar is a bit down in the dumps. He questions his life and where its going. To top this off Zabu has run off and he’s getting worried. After talking with Shanna he decides to go off and find Zabu. The trail leads to a new valley that was unknown to Ka-zar. There he rescues a woman from an armed tribe. The woman Leanne is the queen of Lamura. She has lost her female sabre-tooth tiger Felina. Ka-zar agrees to help her rescue Felina and on the trail finds out that Zabu is also following Felina. He later finds the Cat-People who are about to sacrifice Felina. Together with Zabu the two rescue Felina and later Ka-zar confesses his love from Leanne. Unfortunately the city of Lamura doesn’t allow strangers and Leanna breaks off their whirlwind romance because of her commitments to her people.

Out of all the Ka-zar incarnations this series is the best. Its the one that I first started reading Ka-zar. This was the longest lasting of the series and really established Ka-zar and the Savage Land. Shanna is also a regular and already in a relationship with Ka-zar. Now for this particular issue. Its Ok. It gives a good brief introduction to Ka-zar and his origin. Ka-zar seems to be going through some kind of mid-life crisis. He first wants a committed relationship with Shanna. He talks about the glories of civilization when in the past he had nothing but contempt for it.

Then of course there is his instantaneous falling in love with Leanne who I personally think is nowhere near the same league as Shanna. Even as a little kid I wondered what the hell was Ka-zar thinking. Leanne is not very good looking and kind of bitchy. This just didn’t seem like the Ka-zar that was established in the previous series. Fortunately the series gets way better as it progresses.


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