“The Failure of Hydropolis”
“Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Ron Wilson & Alfredo Alcala

Banner and Dr. Sheila Marks are off on vacation in Bermuda. They hope to continue Dr. Marks attempts to isolate the Hulk personality. Their working vacation is cut short by a massive tsunami that was caused by an underwater nuclear explosion. The survivors are scooped up by a submarine with a giant mouth and taken to an underwater city. The city called Hydropolis was created by a mad scientist named Rypel. Rypel plans to set off nuclear explosions on both coasts of America and effectively sink the continent. This will start World War III and effectively destroy the world. He then plans to turn people into a hydrid aquatic gill people. He has already turned his brother into one. Unfortunately Rypel didn’t count on the Hulk to foil his scheme.

“Ghoul of My Dreams”
Writer: Denny O’Neil
Artist: Howard Chaykin

Dominic Fortune is arrested at an illegal casino in 1937. He gets out of jail with the intervention of the police commissioner. He needs Dominic’s services to save a friend Zelda Pinkley. She is involved with a mobster named Louie Kelt. He finds out that Kelt uses zombies as his enforcers. While rescuing Zelda he defeats the zombie mobsters and finds out Kelt is himself one of the undead.

“Of Chrysanthemums & Fireworks”
By Jeff Mundo

A column on special effects and how they work. Not a bad article and quite information on the history and mechanics of some popular special effects like matte paintings.

This Hulk story is a pretty good story. It gets into actual comic book type stuff. Sort of a James Bond feel to it what with an evil madman bent on destroying the world and remaking it. I think that this title needed more of these types of story.

The Dominic Fortune story is ok. I mean I really like the idea of a zombie mobster in 1937 New York. But the actual result is just not interesting me. Neither the story or art just does it for me. A poor substitute for the Moon Knight backups.

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