“Sheena Queen of the Jungle”
Writers: Steven E De Souza & Robert Rodi
Artist: Matt Merhoff

Sheena and Kellerman manage to escape from the hospital and make it to his apartment. They don’t have much time because helicopters are approaching and the two take off in his car. Sheena won’t leave without her friends Yagua the jaguar and Chim the monkey. Her animal friends are held captive at Cardwell R&D. When they get there Sheena isn’t very subtle and barges right in. She takes care of the guards and the jaguar Yagua breaks free of her cage to help. As they are all driving away Sheena collapses due to a gunshot in the back.

So now the Sheena comic actually has the character Sheena in most of it. She’s intelligent but a bit naïve in the ways of the modern world. The issue also gives some background into Kellerman. He’s your typical treehugger who’s high on himself. Still he has potential and the story is coming along nicely. It ends on a cliffhanger note and a mysterious man with a spider tattoo kills the doctor who has Sheena’s blood sample and takes her bracelet.

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