“The Beast In The Tower”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has stopped at a small outpost town at the border of the terminator. Drinking at the local tavern he meets an old man offering to tell his fortune. Morgan is not in the mood but the old man sees some destiny in store for Morgan. Later as he leaves the tavern he is set upon by some men looking for an easy mark to rob. Morgan proves more than a drunk easy mark and cuts up the would be robbers. One that he missed is stopped by a beautiful woman with a crossbow. A crossbow that shoots silver bolts. She runs away and Morgan follows. Later he comes upon her being taken into a tower by armed men. He breaks into the tower and its one weird place. Bigger on the inside and has stairs going all over the place. Defeating a giant snake he comes to the room at the top. Entering he is confronted by a werewolf. He uses the silver crossbolt to kill the beast and it transforms into the beautiful woman. The old beggar from the tavern comes and thanks Morgan for releasing his daughter from the curse.

So this is Morgan’s quest to come to terms with the loss of his son. He’s obviously depressed and no longer the man searching for adventure. Indeed he complains after killing the snake that everything in this crazy world is trying to eat everything else. The shine of Skartaris has worn off. Now Morgan must find a purpose to his life and of course will have some fantastic adventures along the way.


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