“Spawn of Yargon”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Jesse F. Santos

A tribe of Neanderthals are visited by two aliens. They descend from the sky in a golden globe. The aliens are two scientists from the planet Yargon. They are humanoid with golden skin and green hair. The two scientists decide to help evolution along and kidnap two women who they then proceed to genetically alter. The two women give birth to two children a male and female named Tragg and Lorn. The two bare a remarkable resemblance to the Sky Gods. The Sky Gods then leave.

Twenty-five years later the two grow into adulthood and it is apparent the they are different and much smarter than the tribe. This causes fear among the tribe and a hothead turns the tribe against them saying its their fault the Sky Gods left. Tragg and Lorn flee. At this time the sky gods return but there has been a revolution on Yargon and these Sky Gods are interested in conquest. They will enslave the inhabitants but run into trouble when a Triceratops wrecks their ship stranding the Yargons. Tragg and Lorn manage to kill one of the gods and know that they are not invincible. They pledge to stop the sky gods from enslaving their people.

This is the first in this old Gold Key series. A fascinating idea with aliens visiting our past and being responsible for the progenitors of modern man. This was at the time of “Chariots of the Gods” craze which is still with us. They have dinosaurs in this story but explain that some areas the dinosaurs still survived. I suppose that’s possible. It think this series was ahead of its time and quite sophisticated for a children’s comic book.

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