“The City in the Sky”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Mariah are relaxing on the palace grounds with Machiste. Suddenly a flock of pterodactyls descends and attacks. Mariah is carried off and Morgan grabs on to a departing pterodactyl with Machiste right behind him. It takes them to a floating city in the sky. After fighting off robots the two find Mariah with the caretaker of the city named Skyra. Tragg the caretaker is a cyborg that can control the city. It was an outpost of one of the old Atlantean city states. It survived the war and Tragg now lives alone and uses the pterodactyls to hunt for meat.

Tragg thought has a sinister ulterior motive. Luring Morgan and Machiste into a freezing chamber with the other humans on ice. Tragg is a cannibal and plans to put Morgan and Machiste on ice while he uses Mariah for female companionship. He doesn’t count on Morgan’s .44 in destroying the freeze machine and letting them escape. He also underestimates Mariah who manages to grab Morgan’s .44 and blow Tragg’s head off. The three escape on homemade gliders as the city crashes to the ground.

This is a special issue in that it was first Warlord I read. My mom bought it for me when we were on vacation up at my grandparents cabin. I was captivated by the story. Two cool guys and a beautiful woman. A futuristic floating city with robots and a cannibalistic cyborg. Pterodactyls and guns and swords. Beautiful artwork. This issue got me hooked on the Warlord.

So some interesting developments in the story. Machiste gets a spiked mace to replace his severed hand. How cool is that. We get introduced to more of the leftover Atlantean technology. And Mariah starts to show that she is one bad ass woman that can take care of herself. A real favorite in my collection.


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