Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Barry Smith

Ka-zar manages to escape the clutches of the pterodactyl and brings him and Zaladane down for a crash landing. They crash at the temple of Garokk. There they find a pool in the temple which will remove the powers of the sun god. Which is a good thing because Garokk has gone insane and wants to destroy all life. After defeating the demon that guards the pool Ka-zar lures Garokk to the pool where he is able to push him in. Garokk dies and Zaladane perishes when the temple caves in so the Savage land is safe.

“A Land Enslaved!”
Writer: Larry Lieber
Artist: George Tuska

Doom returns from his vacation on the Riviera and is ambushed by the Red Skull. Using Doom’s own weapons he subdues him and puts him on display in an adamantium case. Then the reign of terror begins with all the dissidents and undesirables being rounded up for the concentration camp. Doom is not so easily defeated. Using a generator in his armor that harvests the Sun’s energy he breaks free and defeats Red Skull and his Exiles. Using hypno-gas on his captives he makes them think they have been shrunk and sends them on a rocket for their island.

So the Sun God saga comes to a close. The Petrified Man is put to rest and Zaladane’s insane conquest is stopped. The Savage Land is at peace but that would be boring so I’m sure there is something new in store for the next issue.

The Dr. Doom story was excellent. Some great villain on villain action. They actually picked a villain that makes you root for Dr. Doom to succeed. I have to say that I find myself enjoying the Dr. Doom stories a lot more than I thought I would. They are very entertaining.

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