“The Trial of Hercules Part 1”

Writer: Roy Thomas

Artists: Jeff Butler and Steve Montano

Salmonius is approached by a woman than needs Hercule’s help. She agrees to pay him to lead her to Hercules so naturally he accepts. While riding in a wagon they get ambushed by centaurs. Hercules shows up in time to rescue them. The woman claims her husband is held captive in the Caucasus mountains. They arrive there and he finds that it is Prometheus. This is his third time chained to the rock. This time Zeus did it, but another god keeps him silent. Hercules stops the metal vulture them tearing out his organs. Once free Prometheus says he knows a secret to trade for his freedom. The servants of Zeus Bia and Cratos come and knock out Hercules with lightning bolts. They rechain Prometheus and take Hercules in chains to Olympus.

“The Men Behind the Myth”

An interview with Jeff Butler the artist and a brief biography of Roy Thomas. A very interesting interview.

Back in the nineties there was this cool show. Produced by Sam Raimi and starring Kevin Sorbo it was a fun adventure show. A cheezy and tongue in cheek telling of the Greek mythology. Topps did this comic version of the show, and it is very true to the series. Plus, it has the genius of Roy Thomas writing. The art is also good. A great start to this series.



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