“In the Lair of the Damned”

Writer: Bruce Jones

Artist: Val Mayerik

Conan and Pelija have found Ishe Lon and taken his pendant. Only they find that Ishe Lon is now a snake-man. Conan is forced to kill him. They then have to escape the temple. Pelija manages to work the pendant and cause the roof to collapse on the chasing snake-men. They reach the door and find it blocked. When climbing over they discover that what was blocking the door is Ishiti. Ishiti is a giant snake with a medusa head. She starts to shoot fire from her mouth which starts to turn Conan into a snake-man. Pelija gives him the pendant to protect him but it doesn’t. So Conan jumps into Ishiti’s mouth and down her throat. There he kills her from the inside. This turns him back to human and they reach the place for Ravella to bring them back to Earth. Once there Conan refuses to give him the pendant and he takes Pelija hostage and threatens to kill her. Conan refuses to give in and Ravella cuts Pelija’s throat. Conan uses the pendant to heal Pelija. Then Pelija uses the pendant to conjure a snake to come from Ravella’s throat and choke him. At the end Pelija decides to become a priestess of Mitra and Conan continues on in search of wine, women and adventure.

This was a satisfying conclusion to this story. Conan and Pelija manage to escape Ishiti after killing her. There was some real cool stuff like Conan diving down Ishiti’s throat to kill her. Then the snake coming out of Ravella’s mouth and killing him. A good story and the welcome announcement at the end of the return of John Buscema.

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