“Days of Yore.”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Sonja and Vampirella are wandering in the desert when they hear bells. It leads to a small village. A funeral is taking place in the temple. One of the villagers recognized Sonja and want to repay her for fighting off pirates in his last village. At night Blue Baby takes over Vampirella and many of the children. Seems he has been doing this for some time with the village’s children. Sonja follows the brainwashed group to the fire mountains and confronts Blue Baby. Blue then has the mind controlled Vampirella attack Sonja. Vampi bites her on the neck and this brings her back in control. Vampirella tackles Blue Baby and they go over a cliff.

Another one in a series that seems pointless. The whole plot just meanders aimlessly along. It has some real poor dialogue and very pathetic reasons that Blue Baby is able to mind control Vampirella. So Vampi manages to break the control and tackle Blue Baby. A cliffhanger I honestly have no interest in seeing how it ends but I have the final issue so next week I will find out. See if the last issue somehow redeems this series and ends on a high note. But I doubt it.

One thought on “VAMPIRELLA RED SONJA #11

  1. What annoys me about so much of this Red Sonja stuff its that its such calculatedly titillating stuff targeted at pubescent boys. This is so far from the whole point of the REH character that it beggars belief. I suppose the REH Estate makes money from it but all the same I have to question how the license can be allowed to run away like that and possibly undermine (certainly juvenilise) the IP .


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