Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Chad Hardin

At castle Deimos Kate Archer is trying to get Deimos to remember his past. She has successfully used the Mask of Life to create a new clone that transfers all the memories to the new body. Only Deimos has no memory and seems to have no interest in learning. Ewan McBane is continuing his documentary on Skartaris and Travis Morgan. This time he interviews Mariah, Machiste and Shakira. The first two give some background on themselves while Shakira of course still remains a mystery. All tell Ewan that they he has to ask Morgan if they want to know the man. Tinder is offered the leadership of the various tribes and factions in the Outlands. He consults Morgan who recommends against taking on any leadership role. Back to Castle Deimos Kate is impatient with Deimo’s learning and slashes his face with a sword. This gets Deimos angry and possibly brings back his memories.

So another low key issue. The big reveal is Deimos is back but not quite there mentally. Although that seems to be changing. Otherwise some more background info on the supporting characters to refresh our memories. Tinder seems to be taking on the mantle of leadership. He seems to be more suited to it than his father. Another excellent issue with plenty of beautiful artwork and a story that winds toward something big.

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