Writers: Harold Buchholz, Joel Hodgson, Matt McGinnis, Seth Robinson, Sharyl Volpe, Mary Robinson
Host Segment Art: Todd Nauck
In-Comics Artists: Mike Manley, Jack Pollock, Mimi Simon

Kinga wants to look good for the final issue. She has Ardy install a Hourglass Powerglass to speed up the stories. So first off is Black Cat. Her father was injured but is kidnapped by thugs along with Jonah and taken to the Sempel Farm. Black Cat confronts Resnick but he escapes with the injured Tim Turner. Later he is tracked to his yacht and Jonah and Black Cat finally manage to rescue the old coot.

Tom Servo manages to knock out their guard and with Shelley manage to escape. They wander around and run into the kidnappers but escape and are rescued by the police. At her parents house we find out that Shelley’s agent was behind the kidnapping. He pulls a gun but Shelley’s boyfriend rescues her. We find out the two are in love and getting married. Shelley will also quit acting. Tom goes back to file his story.

“Devil Claws”

A man named Darling is the darling of the music world. Unfortunately a car accident has him losing his hands and being replaced by hooks. Now he can’t play the piano. One night Crow approaches him and offers to reattach his hands. So Darling goes to his apartment which is a questionable lab where he can have his hands reattached. Kinga sees that this is hackneyed and decides to end it by creating a Totinos Pizza Roll volcano. Crow enters the volcano and a huge explosion results. Kinga is depressed that her experiment failed but wait. The comics are printed and everybody loves them. She is happy and then has the machine blown up. Only it leaves behind the Crow Keeper.

Well this was a pretty fast paced issue. The stories definitely were very hard to follow but the jokes were the best in the series. So everything was tied up and this seemed to be a successful experiment. I love MST3K and so I found the comic just as lovable as the TV show. A very interesting idea on how they pulled this off and very faithful to the spirit of the show.

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