“The Strange High Tower in the Mist!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema

Conan, Yusef and Tara come on a mysterious city on the road to Messantia. The three have a bad feeling about it and their horses refuse to enter. So they tie them up and go in on foot. The city is filled with warriors that stand around and talk in a low voice. The three come to the tower in the city and see a beautiful woman emerge. Then a bat-creature swoops down and takes her to the top of the tower. The warriors of the city seem to not care so Conan and his friends go in to rescue her.

They come to two stairs and split up with Conan going up one and Yusef and Tara the other. Both come to bars and Conan being Conan just bends them apart. Yusef and Tara try a door to the side and find a hideous little man named Mad Jakk chained to a chair. He asks to be freed. Conan gets to the top and fights the bat-creature. He manages to defeat it and it then dissolves. So does the woman and the city starts to fall apart. Conan comes on Yusef and Tara and they flee the city as it collapses and disappears. Yusef and Tara then tell their story. That the man Mad Jakk was shunned for his looks and decided to study magic. With a spell he created the city. The city had a life of its own and would use the kidnapped woman to lure brave adventurers. Then capture the warrior so it would have inhabitants to keep it company. Only Conan managed to defeat the bat-creature and thus destroyed the city. So the three continue on to Messantia.

Well this was an interesting little filler issue. I always love the strange cities that have to be explored. This one was weird and gave Conan and his two companions a good little adventure. Excitement is building for they are coming to the sea and in my opinion the greatest story arc of the Conan comics.

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