Writer: Pat Shand
Artist: Alfret Le

In the tree city of Vepaja the young janjong(princess) Duare watches the palace guard train. She practices the moves and gets a reprimand for such unjanjong like behavior. Later faltargan(pirates) attack the palace. Wengor comes to lead Duare to safety. Only he leads her to the faltargans for he is in their pay. The faltargans leave a message that they are working for the Thorists and the Jong(king) must surrender his kingdom or they will kill Duare.

The faltargans are taking Duare through the woods of Vepaja to their ship. Duare manages to escape and lead the faltargan to a giant spider which kills them. She then has to fight some strange creature but her practice in fighting manages to save her. She finds the pirate ship and has to fight the arrogant captain who she easily bests. Then she manages to take the ship back to the palace and expose the traitorous Wengor.

A one shot special that showcases a time in the life of Duare. I think this is an excellent idea for Duare has never gotten much attention in comics and she is one of those few women that Burroughs established as a bad ass chick in her own right. This story gives us a princess who is very capable of taking care of herself. The art was beautiful and Duare just looks gorgeous. I would like them to do more solo stories about Duare. She is a very interesting character with lots of possibilities.

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